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I did another trawl through the entire database recently trying to find a story I thought I had read here. I recall there being a garden, perhaps in New York, where someone gardened prehaps therapeutically. A major component of the story involved a horrofic car smash in which the survivor's lover was killed - might have been in Texas. The survivor couldn't remember anything about the accident, but it gradually came back and he finally remembered that a piece of his lover's body had entered his mouth.


Anyone recognise this and can help find it, please? There are other stories I've been looking for and can't find, but one at a time!

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So,having finished another story I was reading, I got back to this one - and I am amazed! I find I had no recollection whatsoever of chapters 2 - 13. It was a complete blank!


Ch 1 must have made quite an impression, as it seemed fairly familiar. Just got to ch 13 and will be interested to see how much I remember from here on. So grateful to sat8997 for pointing me to it :)

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