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can't sleep

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The best sleeping medicine for me has always been....  Something inappropriate to say to queerlings in the open, but it's something I bet every adolescent boy would sooner or later discover....  It makes you sleep like wood....

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yup, 5:32 here, sigh. but i am making progress on the chapter i'm working on...i hope, if it reads like gobbdygook later in the day, i'll know it was a bad idea to try and work on it this morning.

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he's just an asshole that i still have feels for and i know i shouldn't 


Sounds like you are letting him live rent free in your head Ray. You need to evict him asap for your own peace of mind.


You might try an exercise that worked for me when I needed a bad EX exorcism.


Start with a page with three columns:


1. In column 1 write down write down all the ways that he helped you


2. In column 2 write down all of the ways he hurt you


3. In column 3, write down the differences in your romanticized version of him vs reality.


Once you actually see the truth in print, it's easier to move on.


Don't blame yourself. Growing as a person takes all of these mistakes. Just remember to learn from them,

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