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March Madness


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I really don't have a dog in this race. I'm so stereotypically gay that I don't even know who's playing or why, but I thought I'd take a census as to who is watching, what teams, and why.


Happy Sprunged Spring

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I don't really follow sports, but the UB (University at Buffalo) Bulls have made it for the first time in their history, so I'm rooting for them, even if I don't expect them to go far. 

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Kentucky is the favorite.


They are a strong team in a relatively weak field.


It wouldn't surprise me if this year one of the small college basketball powers made a lot of noise like Xavier or Butler.


They always end up with very competitive teams for their size.

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Watching 'cause I enjoy the game, the athletes are hot and college ball can really surprise you at times. In 1992 Duke beat Kentucky (not in the final game) with a last second basket by Christian Laettner. I still get goosebumps when I watch a replay of that moment. Those are the moments that make watching the tournament worth it.

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That was before I was at all interested in sports and I hate Christian Laettner for it. :)


I am of course watching, Kentucky.


If Wisconsin, Virginia, Butler, or Gonzaga win it all I won't be upset. I like all those teams and they all seem to have classy coaches that don't look or act like used car salesmen. :P


The State of Texas bombed.. absolutely bombed.. and I love it. The Big 12 - who the committee apparently thought was a dominating conference was nearly swept completely out of the tournament...


Iowa State owes me a new Bracket.


Bad calls at the end of games that decide the outcome - suck. What's the monitor for if you're going to still get it completely wrong... 


I like upsets. These little bitty schools in these non-talked about conferences really playing hard. :)


And, in the future, I'd hate to be a 3 or a 4 Seed in the tournament.. the last two years.. those seeds have been in a lot of trouble.. they may even have a losing record the past few tournaments.. 

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Tis that time of year again!


Already some nice upsets to break a lot of brackets! :D


I've never been a fan of Baylor, so I'm glad to see them bite it. Surprised Purdue didn't show a lot of toughness during their game though. They played Michigan State so hard.


So far the PAC 12 looks a little bit weak, maybe they'll turn it around.

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