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Are You Team Malachi Or Team Sean?

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Hey guys!

So this topic is going to be based around my story, Someone Like Me. If you haven't read it, you should. Look, I'll even be so kind to provide you with a link:



If you HAVE, then I wish to ask you a simple question. As you will have read, Jordan (the main character) has met two people who have taken him fancy. Well three actually. Except the first one was a jerk. Anyway, the two people are Malachu and Sean.

Malachi: Is whom Jordan meets first. Is an Italian, tanned cutie who appeals to him. He sticks up for him when Patrick Pierce Billy's Jordan, even though they've only recently met, twice. Jordan is last seen about to visit his house after school with him. Why does Malachi do this, for a person Jordan had only met since the day before? Could this be a start of a gay relationship?


Sean: Is the most hottest in Jordan's eyes. Is a little shy and not as courageous as Malachi, but has shown some interesting things. How can Sean and Jordan connect so easily? What was with the rainbow flag on Sean's art drawing? When it comes to intimate questions, why does he get nervous? It is clear that if one if them were to be gay, the first bet would be on Sean. Has Jordan found his first boyfriend?


What are your thoughts? Are you Team Malachi or Team Sean?


The true answer lies in my chapter updates, so keep an eye out for them ;)

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I've said it my reviews. I think Jordan should play it cool. He's not sure himself and doesn't really know any of those boys. Why rush it? Even if I realise patience isn't a forte at that age.


To me, it feels like Jordan likes Sean's looks but is closer to Malachi at the moment.


Personally I like Malachi, mostly because he isn't afraid to stand up for his friend.

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Listen to the sensible Swedish lady, LOL.

Jordan drives me crazy with his obsessive behavior concerning 'cute' boys. He is leading both of them and himself on, and it's going to go horribly wrong. He needs to focus on finding friends and settling into his new school, he certainly hasn't kept a low profile or paid attention to anything but his hormone-driven seach for a boyfriend. :facepalm:

But I guess I'm not the right person to ask, because emotional and illogical teen boys make me shudder and run away  :pinch:

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Jordan is young. Very young. Obsessive comes with the territory. Besides, I don't think he's leading anyone on. He hardly knows what he's doing and it's not like he's been whispering sweet nothings in the ears of those boys. He's almost afraid to talk to them. It may all go horribly wrong, but not because of anything Jordan has done. Other than being young, insecure and wanting someone to love.

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You're quite right, Puppi.


And Jordanator, don't let my inability to cope with emotional teens discourage you. ;) You write well and your story reminds me of Comicality's M.O, and he is a very popular author on GA.


And I love hating Jordan's stupid parents. :pissed::lol:

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