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*Sneak Peek* The G. M. O.s (Re-Titled)

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Just a teaser . . . finished the third draft of Chapter 6 today and here's a bit of dialog you might find interesting.


Time passed slowly and Abe began to nod off, as was his habit when doing nothing. Peter wanted Abe to get a more rounded education than just reading about how to raise fruit and beefalos, so Peter assigned books that were incredibly boring and, as expected one of the men frequently found him asleep at the module. Suddenly, he was startled awake by Ben standing in front of him.


“You need a shower and clean clothes,” Ben said. “That dust and dirt belongs out with the beefalos.”


“Yeah, I know, but I want to ask you something,” Abe said. “I keep hearing strange sounds coming from your guys’ room and I don’t know what they are.”


“Peter! Get your ass in here,” Ben yelled. “It’s time for the bees and bees talk.”


Abe saw Peter walk around the corner wearing only some sweatpants. He never realized how slender Peter really was. Ben was stouter, but Peter was almost skinny.


“Now? Abe’s still in his work clothes,” Peter said.


“I told him that,” Ben said. “But he wants to know what’s going on with the two of us. He keeps hearing sounds coming from our room.”


“Oh, that, and I suppose you want me to tell him,” Peter said. He squatted down and looked at the boy. “Abe, you know Ben and I are husbands, right?”


“Yeah, but what does that mean?” Abe asked. “I thought only a man and a woman can be husband and wife, but you two say you’re each other’s husband and Dorcas and Charity say they are wives. I don’t understand how that works.”


“Do you know what a homosexual is?” Peter asked.


“No,” Abe said.


“A homosexual is a person who is sexually attracted to a person of his own sex,” Ben said. “Peter and I are homosexuals, but we prefer being called gay. Dorcas and Charity are lesbians. Does that make any sense?”


“No,” Abe said.


“Abe, do you know anything about sex?” Peter asked.


“Uh, well, I’ve seen bulls mate with cows before, but I don’t think that’s the same with people,” Abe said. “And, how does that work with the two of you? Are you mating in your room?”


“Uh, no,” Ben said. “We don’t actually like doing that. Not to say all gay men don’t because some men do and it’s not called mating. It just doesn’t work for the two of us.”


“But, if you’re not, uh, sorry, mating, what’s all that noise I hear?” Abe asked.


“Well, I guess you could say we’re making love,” Peter said. “There are a lot of ways men can have sex with each other and Ben and I do things we like. Not saying exactly what we do; but now that we know you can hear us, maybe we should try to be a little quieter, do it when you’re not here, and probably move you to the room at the other end of the hall. Does that sound reasonable?”


“Yeah, I guess,” Abe said. “I grew up on a farm and went to harvest fairs, I just never heard anything about sex, and I never asked either of my stepparents when I started going through puberty and there weren’t any boys around my age. I thought it was just what happened to a boy when he grew up, you know, just something natural. I never heard about two men having sex with each other.”


“Are you okay with the two of us and living here?” Peter asked. “Because if you’re not, we’ll have to talk to Frederica about moving you to a dormitory. That would mean being assigned to help out at other farms. I don’t want to sound threatening, but we just want to make it easy on you, do what you want.”


“No! I like living here, I just didn’t know what was going on ever since that first day,” Abe said. “I don’t want to go to the dormitories, I want to stay here.”


“Okay, Abe, we’ll find you some reading material about sex,” Ben said. “It’ll probably be some descriptive things, and boring, too; so, more than likely we’ll find you asleep at your module. I, also, think we may be able to find some fictional works about children with homosexual parents. Does that sound okay?”


“Yeah, sure, I guess, and I think I’d better move my stuff to that other room, so you two can have your privacy,” Abe said as he stood up. “I’m going to go take a shower. Do you want me to fix supper?”


“No, we’ll do it and we’ll help you move after eating, okay?” Peter said.


“Sure, okay,” Abe said.


Now, he had his answer, but did he? There was something in his mind that he could quite grasp. He still didn’t know what it meant living with two, what they called gay men, but maybe that reading material about sex might help. He’d never really thought about having sex with another person. It was what something you did when as an adult, wasn’t it? The more he thought about it, the more distasteful it sounded, with a man or a woman. What was his choice, or did he have a choice? After all, he was only first iteration sixteen; he wouldn’t legally be an adult for another hundred and forty years. Would he know by then?



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