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Voyforums Are Still On The Fritz... :(

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My apologies, folks. It's been over two weeks now, and Voy.com just won't fix itself up. I'm not sure if it's gone for good, but I can't remember it ever taking this long to get their server back online before.


Anyway, if it's not fixed by tomorrow, we'll just go on with posts and new chapters as usual. K?


Also...big milestone this coming Sunday! The Shack gets legal! Hehehe! That's right! On June 19th, the hack celebrates it's 18th birthday!!! (:: Tears :: They grow up so fast!) I'll do what I can to make it a good time, voyforums or not. K?


Thanks for so many years of support! Love! Friendship! We're still standing, folks! How awesome is that!


Anyway, putting everything together later on tonight! Hopefully the board will be back up on Wednesday, but if not...sighhh...whatever. It'll just ruin everything. No biggie. Hehehe!


Seezya then! :)

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