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Attachment With Fictional Character: Good Or Bad

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We readers, while reading, will get attached to the characters of that particular story. But I am so confused right now that is it a good thing or a bad thing. Because on some occasions we will start to read more of the story because of that character and sometimes we completely stop reading a story because of that character.


So guys, is it a good thing or bad thing ~ getting attached with a fictional character???

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A reader needs to connect with the characters in a story to at least some degree, or why are they reading? I think obsessing over a character and treating them as 'real' is going overboard, but there's no reason why you shouldn't empathise with a character. The goal of the author is to have readers related to the characters, to care about them (or hate them, depending on the character). Not having any sort of attachment means the author hasn't succeeded.

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The worst rating/review I ever got on an eBook, imo, was the one that stated that the story wasn't good or bad because the reader was completely indifferent to it. The goal is to make people feel something, and that usually requires empathy or attraction. Not necessarily physical attraction, though that does stand to reason in the romance genre which is why you don't find a lot of 'average guys' on covers and in stories. An author has to stay true to the characters and plot but keep in mind how that comes across to readers because if you skew the story too much, it can turn them off. Unfortunately, there's no way to always avoid alienating readers because how and why a reader enjoys a story/characters can vary greatly.

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I agree. I can't read a story if I don't feel something for characters. Granted, to some I only get a mild sort of reaction, but still enjoy the story. However, if I'm indifferent, then something is missing. At least for me. My lack of reaction doesn't mean someone else won't get attached. Readers are very different.


So to me it's not only good, it's necessary. Just stay away from obsession. Not always easy, though... 

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