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Iso -Beta Reader- High School Romance

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Im looking for a Beta reader for my newest story. Its a high school romance.

The story is completed, 16 chapters 8-12 pages each (although im thinking of splitting them up differntly).

Looking to post first chapter asap and about a week inbetween each next one.


Mostly I'm looking for plot holes or incansistancies. Things that feel unbelievable.

I prefer using google docs with a share link but if need be other arrangements can be made

If we work well together i have more in the works and will probably be able to keep you busy if wanted.




Antonio Mancini stepped off the bus and adjusted his bag. He took a deep breath and looked up at the large brick building in front of him. It was the fifth school in three years, and yet he felt like he'd been here a hundred times. It was always the same story, ending with his expulsion and the disappointment on his Mother's face.

He remembered her pleading look when he left this morning,

"Just try to fit in this time Toni. Promise me, you're going to try. No fights."

"It's not my fault..."

"I know, it’s never your fault. Just try Antonio, we're running out of options."

"Okay Mama, I'll try."

"That's all I ask Bambino."

He had spent all summer taking classes to catch up, the many expulsions had caused him to fall behind. His first day at Mc Greggor High coincided with the beginning of his Junior year. At first, he had been a little excited about this new chance. A chance to make friends and reinvent his reputation. But looking around at the flashy cars and preppy clothes, he began to rethink that idea. It seemed like it was going to be another year of just getting by. If he managed to last that long.

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