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Romance Deep Dive 2



Top 10 Most Read Romance - Contemporary Romance

Set in the present time, focusing on the romantic relationships of characters in modern settings.

  1. Life of Phoenix by kuragari129 Complete
  2. Seeking Nirvana by LittleBuddhaTW Complete
  3. DJ by Doug Spencer Long-Term Hold
  4. Palouse by rec Complete
  5. North Meets South, Worlds Collide by R. Eric Long-Term Hold
  6. The Cardmaker and the Caretaker by Timothy M. Long-Term Hold
  7. My Only Escape by Comicality Complete
  8. The Journey of Jacob and Kyle by podiumdavis Long-Term Hold
  9. No going back by Robert Hugill In Process
  10. The Secret Life of Billy Chase by Comicality Complete

Top 10 Most Read Romance - General Romance

Stories that focus on relationship

  1. Breakdown by Archangel_of_Pain Complete
  2. Keep Me As An Apple of Your Eye by Mac Rountree Complete
  3. Clovers End by Wolffang Long-Term Hold
  4. Tommy - A Life by RolandQ Complete
  5. Change is Good by Xfighter1984 Long-Term Hold
  6. 99-Cent Love Poems by Ashi Complete
  7. Chanukah Gift by Altimexis Complete
  8. Second Adolescence by RolandQ Long-Term Hold
  9. Jake's Hand by rec Complete
  10. Special Occasion Stories by Caz Pedroso Long-Term Hold

Top 10 Most Read Romance - Historical Romance

Set in a specific historical period, often featuring historical events and figures.

  1. Subtle Beauty by jian_sierra Long-Term Hold
  2. Gap Year by Mark Arbour Complete
  3. Bearpaw: An Old West Tale by Headstall Complete
  4. Paternity by Mark Arbour Complete
  5. Northern Exposure by Mark Arbour Temporary Hold
  6. 9.11 by Mark Arbour Complete
  7. Black Widow by Mark Arbour Complete
  8. Odyssey by Mark Arbour Complete
  9. Poor Man's Son by Mark Arbour Complete
  10. The Freshmen by Mark Arbour In Process

Top 10 Most Read Romance - Paranormal Romance

Involves supernatural elements such as vampires, werewolves, or witches in romantic relationships.

  1. The Light at the End of the Tunnel by kbois Complete
  2. Into the fields of Summer by gabz2000 Long-Term Hold
  3. Shadow Effect by kbois Complete
  4. Cernunnos by astone2292 Complete
  5. Death in the Shadows by astone2292 Complete
  6. Rising in the Shadows by astone2292 Complete
  7. Love in the Shadows by astone2292 Complete
  8. A Thousand Years of Hope by lilansui Temporary Hold
  9. Lost Inside by Cia Complete
  10. Hypnotic by Cia Complete

Top 6 Most Read Romance - Regency Romance

Regency romances are a subgenre of romance novels set during the period of the British Regency (1811–1820) or early 19th century. Regencies usually feature a great deal of intelligent, fast-paced dialogue between the protagonists and very little explicit sex or discussion of sex

  1. Odyssey by Mark Arbour Complete
  2. St. Vincent by Mark Arbour Complete
  3. HMS Belvidera by Mark Arbour Complete
  4. Master and Commander by Mark Arbour Complete
  5. The Wardroom by Mark Arbour Complete
  6. Carême in Brighton — a mystery novel by AC Benus Complete

Top 0 Most Read Romance - Rock Star Romance

Romantic stories involving characters in the music or entertainment industry.

No stories

Top 10 Most Read Romance - Romantic Fantasy

Combines romantic elements with fantastical settings and magical elements.

  1. Warming The Cold One by garfwiz Temporary Hold
  2. Oregon in the Fall by drown In Process
  3. Higher Education by WolfM Complete
  4. The Brotherhood: Awakening Book II by The Writer X In Process
  5. Incandescence by Demiurge Complete
  6. Re-birth by Justin4Fun Complete
  7. Gone Away, Gone Ahead by Mawgrim Complete
  8. A Thousand Years of Hope by lilansui Temporary Hold
  9. To the Weyr by Mawgrim Complete
  10. Operation Pinky Swear by frozenphenix Complete

Top 9 Most Read Romance - Romantic Sci-Fi

Blends romantic elements with futuristic or science fiction settings.

  1. Denied by Cia Complete
  2. Twinks in Space: Destination Unknown - Part One by Adam Andrews Johnson Complete
  3. Shelter by Comicality Long-Term Hold
  4. The Men of Collosia by chris191070 Complete
  5. Hidden Sunlight by Stellar Complete
  6. Crave by LitLover Complete
  7. Veil of Shadow by Stellar Complete
  8. Lucid Truth by Stellar Temporary Hold
  9. Safehaven by Comicality Long-Term Hold

Top 9 Most Read Romance - Romantic Western

Romantic stories set in the American West during the 19th century.

  1. Bearpaw: An Old West Tale by Headstall Complete
  2. Lone Wolf Ranch by Justin4Fun Long-Term Hold
  3. Mr & Mister Danvers: Initiation by LJCC Complete
  4. Forever My Love by vanalas Complete
  5. Boundaries: An Old West Tale by Headstall Complete
  6. The Mistress by vanalas In Process
  7. A Love to Last by vanalas Complete
  8. The Longest Third Date by LJCC In Process
  9. Mercy by SteveTrevor Long-Term Hold

Top 10 Most Read Romance - Sports Star Romance

Sports star romance features at least one main character who is an athlete or involved in the sports industry. These stories typically combine romance with drama, competition, and passion, as the characters face challenges both on and off the field. Some common themes in sports star romance are enemies to lovers, opposites attract, and second chances.

  1. The Field of Love by Billy Martin Temporary Hold
  2. Tuct Side by Westley D. Long-Term Hold
  3. G-rowing Pains by WritersBlock404 Long-Term Hold
  4. Row Row Row your boat by WritersBlock404 Complete
  5. A New Dream by EricMorrison Long-Term Hold
  6. Waiting for the Sign by dkstories Complete
  7. A Chance At Love by wolfwriter Complete
  8. Ice Fairy by stephanie l danielson Complete
  9. Take...Me Out to the...Ball, Game... by MJ85 Complete
  10. Hard Knocks by dkstories Complete
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For those reading my story, I swear, I'll have it finished before June. 😅 

80k+ words in, and I'm still, er, more than halfway. Haha. 

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