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Don't ever give up on love, Dmrman. Not even when you are 'dead' and the next world beckons.


I'm a late bloomer too. I will find my Billy Chase some day. I really will.



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@Carlos Hazday, like Comsie, is a great author here in GA. He is also a mature man who loves greatly. I've learned a lot from him. When following our Com's stories you might enjoy Carlos' too.


Love comes when the heart is free. This is what I'm learning. Lucky ones learn it early, but I think its the ones who learn it later in life that appreciate it that much more.

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I can understand EXACTLY what you mean, Dmrman! Wholeheartedly! I see people coming out younger and younger these days, with some of the same fears and questions that I assume we all had at one time. But the rest of the world isn't as harsh and unforgiving as it used to be in some cases. Or...at the very least, there are places to turn to and people who will understand and defend you where necessary. There's more strength in that than a lot of people will ever know. But that's a GOOD thing! I feel as though the newer generations will have it better than I did. (Not that I didn't have my fair share of fun as a teenager, hehehe!) But I think I had it better than my parents did (my mom's sister is m2f transgender, which I didn't understand at all when I was little...but it's not like it mattered. Still doesn't.). And you know a world that I couldn't even imagine in the 80's, so don't feel bad, and never feel alone. People are slow to learn, and it's frustrating sometimes...but when it sticks, it sticks. It's just how evolution works, I suppose. But I get emails constantly from teenagers who are as young as 13 or 14 years old who might find a bunch of stuff online that might come off as a bit 'heavy' for them to take in. But then they find a few stories that actually speaks more to what's in their hearts instead of what's in their pants...and they just want a friend to talk to. They want stories about romance and love and finding someone special. It's not just about being horny, they're VERY in touch with how they feel and with what they want. And for those who are older, there's a huge nostalgia involved in going back and remembering that first crush, first love, first relationship...that ultimately touches all of us in some way. Thank you so much for the compliment on that, by the way! ((Hugz))


Here's another video that I thought you might like. You and everybody else reading this thread. The stuff that I write about is smothered with the idea that love wins. That's it. Maybe there are obstacles with distance, or with competition, or with financial status, or with age, or with physical abuse, or...hell, maybe there's a zombie apocalypse going on at the moment! Hehehe! But love is love. And with just a touch of belief and the hope for a better day...it will always win in the end. If that fills a hole for you, then I'm glad. And if the naughty parts fills another hole, hehehe...pun intended...then even better! So don't ever think it's too late to start over again. K? Love hasn't gone anywhere. There's always a chance.


Anyway, here's the video...




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