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New Imagine Magazine Question


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I'm going to try to collect six or seven of these Imagine questions so we don't run out of material or have to go on a scavenger hunt at the last minute. I'm already in the process of writing a *LOT* more for the magazine on my end, and I'll soon be reaching out to other authors to take a shot at contributing as well. Who knows? Maybe we'll discover some brand new talents out there! :)


Anyway, question number two...


Pop quiz, hot shot! There's a real cutie in your midst! Maybe he's someone you work with. Maybe he's in a couple of your classes at school. Maybe you see him at your local gym, or he works at your favorite cafe or restaurant. You might ride the bus or train with him every day, or maybe you're meeting him for the first time at a friend's party! Either way, he's right there in front of you.


This could be your chance! Hey, he could be the one!


So...what do you say?


::Record Scratches::


Wait, wait, wait!!! Before you guys get all timid and run away from this question SCREAMING...just hear me out! Geez! Stop giving up so damn fast! This is a community project here, dangit!


I'm not asking for cheesy one liners (unless you've got some good ones! Hehehe!). Just think about it. How do you meet a beautiful stranger that you've never met before? How would you approach him? How do you break the ice? Do you 'test him out' first to see if he might be interested? Or do you just tell him that YOU'RE interested first and see how he responds? Whether this is happening in the high school cafeteria, over a few drinks at the bar, a guy you've been talking to online, or to that hot intern that works for your company...what do you do to get to know somebody new? Somebody you might be attracted to?


Tell us what you've done in the past, or what you think people should do, or what they SHOULDN'T do! And if you've never tried to approach a stranger to get a phone number or to show some interest...tell us why not? It's totally ok to be frightened about this sort of thing. God knows I've run away from many an opportunity myself, so I'm hardly one to judge!


But, for everyone reading...if you've got some kind of strategy or advice to give, feel free to talk about it in the reply below! Tell us as much or as little as you want, and as always 'anonymous' replies are welcome!


These answers will be used for Imagine Magazine's public post in the future. So if you don't want your answer added, please let me know ahead of time. K?


Thanks soooooo much for your awesome answers on last week's question! We got about TEN answers, which was GREAT! Let's see if we can maybe get twelve out of this one!


Thanks in advance! And love always!

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My answer will be very boring if you want the truth so you needn't publish it if you do not wish to.


I would avert my eyes and disappear in plain site. I'm single for a reason. I am painfully shy and now I no longer have the charm of youth to compensate for that.

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Thanks MrM! I'll be keeping your answer handy, and I'll save it. But I think this question scared off a lot of people. :/


Sorry about that. I'll try asking again at a later date.


I want people to share something personal with these, but I understand if people are scared or shy about it. I'll try to find something a little less 'threatening' for the magazine. I'll exhaust my brain for something different. LOL! I want people to participate, but I understand if they're a bit scared about this kind of conversation.


THANKS for speaking up, though!!! Love ya lots! :)

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