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The joy of (re)discovery

Sam Wyer

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I definitely know what you mean about folks discovering some of your older works and enjoying them. Getting actual comments about those stories is always an amazing experience, because with every new reader...you get to feel appreciated all over again, as if it was the first time. It's awesome.


I've been writing a story called "GFD: Fanboys", which exists in a world where one of my other stories is a big movie franchise and two boys find each other through their love of the material. And when I post new chapters, I always include 'reaction videos' on YouTube from other fanboys who get all excited for things like "Star Wars", "Avengers", "Jurassic Park", etc. And I found that I REALLY love watching them! Even though I've seen the trailer already, every time I see someone else smile and laugh and get excited about it...it's like I'm watching it for the first time all over again. I actually end up feeling good for the rest of the day! Hehehe, so getting comments on your stories can be just as fulfilling.


All I can say is, keep writing. Try out a different genre or two. You might grab someone's attention that you wouldn't normally reach. And they can follow you back to your site or your other stories to revive them all over again. Every new reader that you get will go back to see what else they can read from you. So make sure you give it 150% of your effort every time.


((Hugz)) Congrats! Glad you're liking the feedback.

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I can very much understand that. Right now Seeon is highlighted and all new readers are finding it. Then going from that to other stories I have. It is fun seeing people finding my work and new comments and insights. In one case may very well get me to do a sequel. Who knows? Enjoy it.

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Yup, I agree too!  This is one of the reasons I'll be repromoting all of our Anthologies.  Bringing up great short works to introduce authors to new readers.  I think it has been going well so far.  We do plan on continuing to do this all year.  Hopefully, it also inspires others to jump in both on the writing side and the reading one.


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I'll let you know when I feel rediscovered. :P In all seriousness, I know I'm going to agree. ( I'm not really counting the couple of new readers that I've pointed to my story after speaking with them in a chat somewhere, seems more like hitting them over the head with it than being rediscovered. XD)


 It's still gratifying to reread comments that have been there for six years. So there's that. I saw an interview where Juliana Margulies, an actress, while  talking about her later show at the time, she did say how good it felt to have people come up and comment on a show called ER. (I feel old because I watched it when episodes were new.) It's from decades ago and fans are still discovering it through syndication. So what you're saying is manifestly true even in other professions.


 Once my story from six years ago has some friends, (soon), I'll speak from experience instead of imagination.

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