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Brayon's Prompt #3 - "Rule" Breaking Challenge

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So, for challenge number three, I have one that is going to break all the writing "rules."


Challenge: Write a 1000+ Word Infodump. No Dialogue. Tell, Don't Show. That is all.


My goals with these prompts are to shake up people's comfort zones. Also, to show that dogmatic adherence to the Industry's "Writing Rules" is not the only way to do things.

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i appreciate what you're saying, but frankly if you (not just you A) call yourself a writer, and you dont know the 'rules' are guidelines, then shame on you. Writing is using ALL THE FECKING TOOLS WE HAVE .. not just showing, not just telling.. not just anything.  It's all those things. Because it is the STORY that is important .. use what you need to, write what you need .. say what you have to say.  Get over the 'rules' and tell your damn story.  Write with your guts.. write bravely!   I'm sure i am repeating myself!!!

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