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More troubles... :(

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Despite the most valiant of attempts, this server problem is basically shutting us down again and again, and I don't expect anyone to put up with the frustration of trying to keep things running smoothly under the current circumstances. My DEEPEST apologies for the inconvenience, you guys! I'm not a techy guy, myself, but I will do some research and see if I can tackle this problem on my own. I'll take the added pressure on my shoulders, and do my best to keep things running smoothly from now and into the future. I'm not sure how I'm going to do that, but I'll start doing my research this weekend and learning how to keep up with the momentum that we've worked so hard to build over the past six months or so! And I might have to dig into my 'go home to Chicago' savings, but I truly believe in this project, and I'm passionate about getting it to work. This is a project that is bigger than I am. And, much like when I first started the Shack online, I am dedicated to doing whatever I can to make a difference any way that I can.

I don't need money. I don't sleep. I don't need protection from online bullies. I just need to know that I did all I could to help out, and provide guidance for others when I had the chance.

I didn't have a Shack Out Back when I was growing up. You guys do. I don't want to let you down in providing that for you.

More info to come as I get things in order. If you guys know of servers that might host Imagine Magazine, the ebooks, and the GFD: Blood Bank...please let me know at Comicality@webtv.net as soon as possible! I don't sleep! Hehehe! So I'll start setting things up IMMEDIATELY! I might even get April's issue up in time for the 1st! Dare me to do it? Let me know! I bet I'll surprise ya! I'm working HARD, dammit!!! LOL! I'll get it done!

Anyway...soooo sorry for the bullshit, you guys. It happens. I'll fix it. Promise.

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