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The super slow down! :O


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So, my laptop has been extremely slow over the past two weeks. And that makes things difficult, but it hasn't halted any of the Shack's progress! K? I just have to work on other things while waiting for my internet to quit acting up! I'm thinking that Microsoft is forcing another update on me, and that's why everything is taking TEN TIMES longer than it should right now! But, whatever. I have the day off today, and I'll be working on emails instead today! So...'close a door and open a window', right?


I've been focusing on all of you guys that are brand NEW to the Shack first, and welcoming you to the madhouse! Hehehe! But I never forget my friends, and the folks who go out of their way to write to me, support the stories, and post on the boards! So, you can expect to hear from me as well! Mwah! Love you lots! And just...thanks for thinking about me, you know? Even when I'm not around to 'entertain' and perform like I should be. It means a lot to have a sprinkling of true friends out there in the world! Just know that I appreciate it withmy whole heart! K?


Gotta run! Seezya soon! I'll figure things out soon enough!


Ps- MASSIVE work has been put In to get the "GFD: Blood Bank" website and "Imagine Magazine" site back in working order! Both are fully functional now, and while there may be a few changes here and there, you guys can visit them whenever you like! Expect new updates in August for both!!! That's just a few weeks away! So stay tuned! K?





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