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Cia's Weekend Writing Challenges #9: Where in the World?


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Well, bless your heart, you came to check out another week's writing challenge! And guess what, y'all… it's time for another lesson. And can you tell what this one is about? How about some dialect and slang! A great way to introduce your setting and characters can be to use their speech patterns themselves. Different countries obviously have different languages but GA requires all stories to be in English, so how can you show the different locations within that framework? Well, using regional dialects and slang are a great way! How we speak is different from country to country, obviously, and you can have wildly varied speech patterns even within a country, and then you can even factor in the different slang between generations. 


And that can be groovy, or cool, or extra, right? ;)


What sort of stories have you read where the dialect or slang really struck you as a reader? Was it a good or bad reading experience? 


How about writing? Have you ever tried to write with overt use of slang or a specific dialect, and can share your experience? 


Now the challenge!

Can you tell what region the dialect or slang I started this post came from? It's pretty obvious, right? Am I younger or older? And that's the challenge. Let us guess what region and age your character is from by the dialect and slang they use. Since we know a lot about each other, pick a region of the world that you are NOT from and use a dialect or slang that is not 'native' to you. Either another country and accent or a different generation with another speech pattern, or to be very tricky... both! 


There's no restriction as to length or genre for your dialect character, but don't base it off a character you've already written since someone might guess where they're from based on the existing story. 

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