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A little progress report...


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Hehehe,it's getting a bit long, so I'll be erasing it soon and starting a new list from scratch this weekend! But, just in case you guys thought I've been slacking...I haven't been! :)


This is my writing output since around Halloween of 2018! Taken straight from the Comicality Library. I like to keep track of these things. It's been pretty consistent, I'm thinking. And I continue to get complaints anyway, but... ::Shrugs:: I cramped my hands up to put this much work together and still offer it for free. So...if it's not enough for some of you, then so be it. Just don't tell me I'm not working my ass off to put out new material. I'm not the problem here.


Just sayin'...


Oh...the stats on the right side of the chart is how long I forced people to 'wait' for a new chapter of something. Because I'm rude and evil and like to torture my readers as often as possible. Take a look. That's how unbelievably LONG they had to wait between new chapters. Excruciating amount of time...right?




To everybody else? I'm so happy to write new stuff for you guys! Your comments and emails always make me feel good, and that inspires me to do bigger and better things in the future. So thank you for the positivity, and know that I appreciate it with all my heart. 

You've got some goodies coming your way! :)

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Love you, Comsie! You give so much for us, but some people only know how to take and take and take. Don't forget to take some personal time, too!  :hug:

Also, that new show on Netflix is hilarious. OMG! Asa Butterfield in a skirt and stockings!  :rofl:

(Sex Education, Season 1, Episode 5, if you wanna see it.)  :gikkle:

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