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Happy 77th Birthday, Harrison Ford!

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It’s difficult to believe that Han Solo and Indiana Jones are 77 years old!

tumblr_pul01lYAsr1wt8n5vo1_400.jpg tumblr_pul01lYAsr1wt8n5vo2_400.jpg

tumblr_pul01lYAsr1wt8n5vo3_400.jpg tumblr_pul01lYAsr1wt8n5vo4_400.jpg

tumblr_pul01lYAsr1wt8n5vo5_400.jpg tumblr_pul01lYAsr1wt8n5vo6_400.jpg

tumblr_pul01lYAsr1wt8n5vo7_400.jpg tumblr_pul01lYAsr1wt8n5vo8_250.jpg
(Sorry the images are different sizes, they looked the same on the Tumblr I got them from.)

‘Don’t get cocky, kid!’ – July 13, 1942.

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