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To make things short for now, I am currently dealing with a near apocalyptic technology issue at the moment. So, i can only apologize for that. I wish I could say that it was all my fault, but that would be an easy fix. I just work harder and get things back together.

But it was Microsoft that truly fucked me over (yet again), just minutes after I started putting out announcements for the July Issue of Imagine Magazine. It erased EVERYTHING on my laptop with some bullshit update that I didn't ask for or accept and took time to REFUSE automatic updates to avoid it. But they're a bunch of bullies that FORCE you to take it anyway, even if it destroys everything on your laptop all at once. Because...they wanna shove their new techy tricks down your throat whether you need it or not. Sigghhhh...

Anyway, since the 15th, I've been scrambling to get my deleted files back and I have been lucky enough to find them again. (It cost me a LOT of money, though! Sighhh...a big chunk out of my 'go back to Chicago' fund), and that sucks, but I am working through this as quickly as humanly possible! K?

I have the day off today, and I'm up at 6 AM to get started on trying to sort through over 1.5 terrabytes worth of music, documents, pictures, ebooks, ebook covers, story templates, videos, everything from Imagine Magazine, etc. It's a pain in the ass, but at least I didn't lose it all. So I'll count my blessings and just appreciate the fact that Microsoft's carelessness didn't result in me losing more hard work online than I even have a precedent for at this point.

Anyway, this is what has been happening since last Monday. I'm still here. I'm fixing things as fast as I can, and I'll try to throw you you guys a bone or two as soon as a get a chance. 

((Hugz)) I'm so SO sorry! I was blindsided by this, and one would think that Microsoft would be more responsible with their updates before obliterating every single file on somebody's laptop without permission. I guess I'm not paranoid enough. I guess I should back up my stuff three times a day. And...maybe I should carry a pistol with me to work every day. And a shot of adrenaline for my heart. And a katana sword in case I'm attacked by ninjas. And I should wear a hardhat everywhere I go in case I randomly get hit by a meteor from space. Because...it's MY fault for not being prepared for this nonsense. :P

Anywway...I'm working on it. I'll get more stuff up soon. Please bear with me. ((Hugz))

Love you lots! 

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Why are YOU sorry? You didn't do anything! Fucking Microcrap again. That's one of many reasons I switched over to Apple. I just couldn't deal anymore. They've screwed me raw over the years and I just got tired of it.

I hope you get everything back!

May all be made right. So it is written! So it is done!

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