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As they say...God never laughs harder than when you try to make plans. Hehehe!

So, I expected things to be busy over Labor day weekend this week...but I'm really NOT accustomed to dealing with 'hurricane' shit! Arrrghhh!

Basically, I don't think Hurricane Dorian is going to sweep in and cause too much damage where I am. At best, we'll just have some severe storms and some heavy rain. ::Fingers crossed:: BUT...apparently all of the schools, churches, and community centers, in the area have made themselves available to everyone fleeing the Bahamas and southern Florida this week. And all of the kids are out of school until Friday. So I'm trying to do my family duty and help out with this whole situation. But I'm still here! So I'll be around!

I just found "The Plateau" chapter 3 and about half of chapter 4 a few days ago! So I want to move that to the top of my posting list for next week! Yay! You have no idea some of the stuff I've found lately! Every day is like Christmas now! :P

Anyway, seezya soon! K? I'll try to do some more emails tonight if I can!

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