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Check this kid out! Happy Holiday Cheer Everyone!! ~BLACK PAPER

Black Paper

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I would like to tell everyone I wish they have an incredible Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever it is you may celebrate. Most IMPORTANTLY, fill it with something that means something to YOU.

Not just the gifts, or the food, or the alcohol concoctions which are oh so tempting & thrilling. But, rather. Remember who YOU are. And don't get so swept away with what society makes you believe you HAVE to be or what you HAVE to do.

Do something this holiday season that satisfies and gratifies who YOU are. Nobody else. A cup of coffee. A walk in your favorite area alone as you inhale the winter breeze. Whatever that magical special 'something' is, you know what it is. And, only you do. Do it. You are more than worthy.🎩🌙

And, now as a little positive holiday treat. Oliver now will play you the BEST snazy and Jazzy Jingle Bells ever.😂🍸 Towards the middle, where he starts stomping on that thing in the floor to add the 'jingle bells' effect as he plays freestyle? Freaking clever.🍒


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