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22 Years...wow...


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It has been a long LONG journey, you guys! For all of us! Good times, bad times, in between times...but I don't regret a single moment of it. I put in the hard work and the long hours because you reward me with your friendship and your love. Many of you have literally 'grown up' being a part of this site since you were kids! Hehehe, and congrats! You turned out to be great human beings! Mwah! Thank you sooooo much for sticking with me and for giving me the strength and support that it took to get this far.

I know that I get busy, and sometimes I just get lazy, hehehe! But please don't ever mistake that for me getting complacent, or not appreciating everything that you guys have done for me over the years. I don't ever want to take you for granted. So, this is me, speaking up and telling you right here and now that I love you, and I'm grateful, and you will always be my family! Always!

Thank you for 22 YEARS of us accomplishing the impossible! And just wait until you see what comes next!

(New Chapters Coming, Starting June 19th! Stay Tuned!)

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