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Ok....so the results are in... :(


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I’m not surprised this thing is spreading so fast once again this virus is destroying families all over and both democratic and republican parties don’t give a fuck and are only worried about the economy and themselves. The same people who say school should open up this September but At the same time would homeschool their own because fuck our kids right. Now they even can’t vote to extend unemployment because they would rather argue than just get it done while people are out here starving and dying. I’m really sorry about your family com but I guess the world will just be filled with selfish pricks.

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Oh God, Comsie! 

I pray you and yours will be ok! I cannot abide these idiots who care so little about anyone else that they'll play games with other people's lives just to make some stupid political point!

The US has a serious problem with people living up their own asses! Reality is biting, bitches! Get real here!

All my love Comsie...please be ok.


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Thanks, you guys. Love and hugs to you all. My family and I were all being careful...but that's like being careful driving a car when you've got drunk drivers flooring it and being reckless all over town. So us taking the proper precautions doesn't really matter if you've got people running around equating a safety precaution to friggin' SLAVERY and the HOLOCAUST! WTF are you TALKING about??? This is so stupid.

"You're all just sheep, doing what your leader tells you to do and wearing what they tell you to wear, because you can't think for yourselves!" Says the guy in a stupid MAGA hat!!! Fuck those people. Seriously. You put me and my family in harm's way to prove some ridiculous point to people who are actually looking out for your well being. How fucked up are these people? :( 

Anyway, thanks, you guys. I'm going to stay inside and hope for the best. I'll keep my fingers crossed. 

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