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Okay, I am so excited about the new story, " Gap Year " and it has just started.  I have already read the prologue and the first chapter twice each.  I am getting a different vibe from this already.  I can't decide if the writing style is slightly different or what, but it just feels very fresh; not that any of Mark's stories aren't fabulous but this was has just grabbed me so hard already.  Will is not even my favorite character, barely makes my top eight, but I am so excited to see how he handles the challenge of a gap year, and not just the drama already rearing it's head in the first chapter.  

Is it just me on the vibe, am I just too excited about a new addition to the CAP series?  Everyone, let's discuss...

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I haven't done this in awhile, but here are the ages of some of the Cap characters as of January 17, 2004:

JP: 68

Stefan: 58

Brad: 41

Jake: I believe he's mid-30's. Mark? 

Claire: 39

Matt: 23

Wade: 23

Alex, John Carullo, Tony: 23-ish

MaryEllen: 22? 

Darius: Turning 22 on January 19th.

Ella: 20

Zach: 18

JJ: 18

Marie: 17

Will: 17

John Hobart: 16

Riley and Maddie: 3

Robbie II: 10 months 

Anyway, 2004 was a pretty interesting year. Election years tend to be.





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