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Chat tonight! :)


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Just a quick reminder...I'm going to the chatroom tonight to have some fun with you guys for the first time in forever! I missed you something awful! 

So if any of you want to drop in and join the party, you're more than welcome to come by and have some fun with us! Leave all the hate and depression at the door! We're just there to have fun! Giggles and candy! K? Hehehe!

I'll be there at 7PM EST...which is about 6 hours from now! So come have fun with the family! :D 

Can't wait to talk to you guys again! Seezya soon! 

And here's some instructions from The Rev if you're coming by for the first time!

"For first time visitors, click the invite link: https://discord.gg/5rVAUj9
If you already have a Discord account from another server, login here; otherwise if you have never registered for Discord before, create a new account. Once you register with Discord, you will be taken to Com's chatroom. Jump into #the-hot-tub and have a great time! 🙂

Upon further visits, once you've "joined" the server with the above invite link, you can simply log into your account via http://www.discord.com, or using the downloadable Discord app for windows/Mac/Android, all of which can be found at https://discord.com/download, and you will have Comicality's chat server in your list of available servers.

Discord will prompt you to identify whether you are under 18 or over 18, and will grant you permissions specific to adults vs kids. It will also direct you to read over the chat rules, which you are expected to follow for the good of everyone at the Shack.

Happy chatting!"


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