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Interesting New Tool - Plottr


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So a few months back now I subscribed to a newish tool to help plan my stories.  I tend to be a 'pantser' in that I write as the muse dictates.  However, that has gotten me into plot holes before.  This tool was recommended in one of the books I read focused on writing. 

It can really help you structure stories.  I've been working for awhile now to fix and complete my HP fanfic up to and including capturing all the scenes in the Plottr tool.  This little snippet shows a couple of the sub-plots broken down by scenes in chapters.


There are also a TON of templates to choose from if you are trying to fit the tropes of specific genres/sub-genres. It also has classic things like the Hero's Journey as popularized by Joseph Campbell and Christopher Vogler:



I have found that they are regularly updating the software and adding new templates and other features. 

The link included here is an affiliate link, meaning if you purchase the software, Gay Authors gets a small percentage which goes to supporting the site:


Please use the full link as it helps us out.  I have been using this tool for awhile now having purchased it myself.  So my commentary on it is based on my own use and we signed up as an affiliate because they approached us to ask us to add a link to Plottr on our Writer's Resources page. 



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