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After meeting about a thousand people and shaking at least that many hands, Hunter accepted an invitation to visit the KA House. It was a big, rambling, old Southern Mansion with a rolling party. Hunter especially enjoyed the eye candy.

The KAs' reputation was summed up by their nickname, the Knights of Alcohol, and there was plenty of booze going around. To Hunter’s surprise, he shook Mr. 5-star freshman QB Aaron Blake’s hand.

Hunter said, “You threw for four touchdowns against us at Centerville.”

“Did you play?”

Hunter said, “I was out for the year by that game. Given how you torched our secondary, it was probably for the best. I think I spent more time recovering from football than actually playing it.”

Aaron said, “Sometimes it’s like that. It’s good to hear a familiar accent.”

“I noticed you aren’t drinking,” Hunter probed.

Aaron nodded. “Neither are you. There’s a time and place for everything. I’d rather people’s first impression of me not be that of a drunken idiot.”

Hunter grinned, bumped Aaron’s knuckles, and said, “I heard you were smart.”

Aaron beamed and said, “Thanks.”

During the party, Aaron and Hunter hung out together several times. Much to Hunter’s amazement, he left with Mr. 5-Star’s number on his phone.


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