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  1. G’day Matt, where in Oz are you from?

    I am West Aussie.

    1. Matt Mc

      Matt Mc

      I am from in WA as well.

  2. Happy Birthday Matt!

    1. Matt Mc

      Matt Mc

      Thank you.


    1. Matt Mc

      Matt Mc

      Thank you

  4. Matt Mc (a shy) hello. This is a really late, even for me. A belated (extremely)  tardy Happy Birthday to you.


    Take care


  5. Happy Birthday Matt!

  6. Happy birthay, buddy!

  7. Mark adds the story to the chronological list of CAP on completion of each book.
  8. It does not bother me. It is a very strong one dementional statement. If this is the best phrase that encapsulates you keep it, if not find something else.
  9. Mike can i borrow your clip board next.
  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. Didn't Will and Zack have a threesome with Gatham on the plane?
  12. Matt Mc

    Chapter 40

    Wow great chapter. I hope the child is Matt's because with ownership I feel he will be a great father for all of the kids.
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