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  1. jbjack

    Chapter 6

    omfg... this story is amazing. Thank you for your talent, imagination and hard work DK.
  2. jbjack

    Chapter 6

    I needed this like no one would ever understand...
  3. jbjack

    Chapter 4a

    Andy's "cross to bear" is a heavy one. As if being attracted to men isn't bad enough he now has to carry the guilt of using Marcus. Life is tough, no question. Andy's burden is a heavy one. Of course, I have all the answers for humanity... Thank you for another good chapter! - John
  4. jbjack

    Chapter 3

    The dialogue between Marcus and his mom was a great road map in getting to know more about the main character. Then when the big "Andy" reveal occurs kapow! This is a damn good story. Thank you! - John
  5. jbjack

    Chapter 2

    There are so many reasons why this encounter is right. Marcus has had enough of the same old routine and needed something new, exciting. Enter Andy with his sexy neck, such a simple thing yet so inviting to Marcus. They connected, oh hell yeah they connected. Marcus discovers the virgin in Andy and blows his innocence "away". This is such a hot chapter... Thank you Hudson - you got me and did it so nicely. - John
  6. jbjack

    Chapter 2

    Excellent chapter. You had me with the first, but now I cannot let it go. I know Jason. I was Jason but on the West Coast. Damn you have me fired up on this and let me state that you know how to put words together my man. - John
  7. jbjack

    Chapter 8

    The human condition always gives me pause. Wolf, I am not putting you on a pedestal when I say you are remarkable. I knew from the very first paragraph that this was more than likely a true story because we write about what we know. You make me so happy for the the human race because of your strength and resilience. And dude, you write so damned well. Thank you, thank you. - John
  8. jbjack

    I've Changed ...

    Thank you for your hard work and creativity. - John
  9. Robert, I am so into men communicating and understanding and touching and feeling. I have no way of expressing to you what this chapter means to me - it goes deep. Thank you. John
  10. "Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy. Sunshine in my eyes make smile..." "Morning has broken like the first morning. Blackbird has spoken like the first word. Praise for the singing praise for the morning..." Fantastic chapter! - John
  11. Mark. Bridgemont is a creative, compelling series. You never fail to entertain. Thank you for your hard work. I am so glad there is a crossover to my other favorite series CAP! DAMN! You are good. Regards, John
  12. jbjack

    Chapter 21

    Mark, I have to say something and ask for your forgiveness but Damn! This chapter was amazing and it made me freaking hard.... Also, I am thoroughly enjoying the adventure with the Elgins! So very entertaining! I laugh at loud. You sure tell a fantastic and entertaining tale. THANK YOU!!!
  13. jbjack

    Chapter 17

    Mark, I don't know if you read recent notes but I have to say you are one of the best writers I have ever encountered online. Your characters are both interesting and intriguing. Your story lines are captivating, intelligent and capture my imagination. And the sex! I am a better man for the encounters I read. Thank you for your hard work. - John
  14. jbjack

    Chapter 26

    Damn! Rhis was H-O-T!!
  15. jbjack

    Chapter 4

    Jeff.. Such a loss, but he would have continued to suffer greatly. God! He made me hard... Thank you Mark for all of the wonderful characters you give. I want them all. - John
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