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  1. If CJ can come back, I guess I can too!
  2. Thanks for the posts. It was a weird day that ended with a great dinner and early to bed - if you know what I mean!
  3. What does it say about CJ that his antagonists get awards?!?
  4. Thanks gang! I was offline yesterday, so I missed these kind wishes when they were posted. Thank you one and all for these posts and PMs. It is always nice to be remembered. HUGZ! ~e PS: AMEN wildone
  5. Interesting idea, Michael! Imagine if self-serving Bridget teams up with Eric or Rev Emoe or BOTH! *gasp*
  6. Alright Low Flyer, be fair to the readers who haven't. Some people say that the chapter Wheels within Wheels contains no cliffie and others say they don't find one cliffie - I'll have to go with that group's opinion on this one.
  7. To better explain the 'team' perspective, CJ is assigned to create the cliffies and deny they exist and the rest of the team is assigned to carefully point out their existence without giving CJ one smidgen of leeway to use against us. Looks like Low Flyer failed this time. In CJ's efforts to enlist me in denying the existence of a cliffie, he threatened to kill off a much beloved character if I didn't do it. I strenuously resisted the pressure and so far, the character remains alive. Time will tell.
  8. EMoe57

    Delay again.

    I know you had to work extra hard to get the chapter out the door, but you didn't have to break the site to get an extra week - just post that you need the time, for cliffhanger's sake!
  9. Here we go - post #666 Hey CJ, Don't you think a Spoiler alert on that reply would've been appropriate?!?
  10. Some posters take all the fun out of it, don't they CJ. Happy Holiday one and all!
  11. Ya know, Goat. If you hadn't mentioned Wildone in an email to me and how much you needed defenders, I probably wouldn't have come here and posted about how your next chapters are going to include
  12. EMoe57


    I voted what you said he was - doesn't mean I have to LIKE it !
  13. EMoe57


    I'll believe this when I see it! You started the story saying it wasn't going to be more than 30 chapters and I am editing chapter 79 now. You really think you can get Trevor safely back to Florida, find his Mom and get hitched to a stellar guy in 20 chapters? :wacko: Don't get me wrong, Oh Great King Cliffie. You know I love your stories, but you have about as much success at predicting the number of chapters the story will run as any local weather forecaster does predicting when it will rain! :ranger:
  14. Me thinks thou doth protest too much, Mr. Slowest Writer In The World!
  15. Disclaimer: Although as editor for CJ I have seen some chapters that have not yet been posted, I have not seen this topic discussed anywhere at this point. Having worked for years with CJ on his stories, I drew a conclusion early on in Circumnavigation that Trevor's mother was not really dead. There has been nothing to counter this in any of the chapters thus far. Dirk is in on this secret - hence the undisclosed nature of the statute of limitations action Dirk is hiding. Dirk's push to have Trevor meet up with his mother's relatives is his way of having Trevor find out his mother is still alive. Granted all this is my own speculation, but it is not much of a leap, and wouldn't it be poetic justice for Mrs. Blake to be Trevor's mother? And if that is true, could it be that the Kookaburra is really the recommissioned Ares? Now there is something to think about... I know some of you will think I am 'stirring the pot'; that I am a shill for CJ trying to throw you off track. I attest that I have not run any of this by CJ before I posted it - and the fact that you are reading this indicates what a fair and impartial host CJ can be when it comes to topics like this.
  16. I can - because the Goat wrote it and he didn't put THE END in this chapter. OK, off to Edit-land :wacko:
  17. Thanks for the comment on my siggy. Here is another quote you might appreciate:

    I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.

    Thomas Jefferson

  18. Thanks for the birthday note

  19. Thanks for the birthday note

  20. I noticed your utter failure to include any reference to the chapter that got you initially nominated. There are so many of them, I can't seem to remember the exact chapter that triggered it. Perhaps you recall which one it was?
  21. Because I was nudged, I will certify that chapter 49 does not have a cliffie ~ and it is the only chapter I'll say that about at this time.
  22. ANYBODY posting this chapter doesn't have a cliffie is lying thru their fingers! My first pass on reading chapter 48, I sent this to the goat: No dispute: CJ is the Cliffie King
  23. The problem with a series like Do Over is finding an ending. Since the premise of the story is the characters can go back in time, it is possible the story never ends. That is unfortunate for Dan since he develops stories with a wide range of characters and topics. Just look at his story site: time travel, dragons, politics, magic, religion, clones, dooms day. As much as I laughed and cried through the Do Over series, I am always happy to read a new chapter from Dan - regardless of the topic. PS: if you haven't already, your next story should be The Beard...
  24. That certainly would have been an awesome way to end it, if true.
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