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  1. tiger721boi

    Chapter 10

    Love this story so far can't wait for more chapters
  2. tiger721boi

    Chapter 9

    OMG I am so glad your back ,was really wanting to see more stories about Drackens. I am rereading all the chapters from Rise of the Drackens. 🙂
  3. tiger721boi

    Chapter 3

    Looking good so far Can't wait for the next chapter
  4. Hello tiger721boi. I regret missing your BD and want to send you this belated wish and that I'll try to do better next year. So (late by 40 min.) I want to wish you a belated Happy Birthday and hope that you had an  awesome day of it. Best wishes to you, be well.


    Take care


  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. tiger721boi

    Chapter 1

    Either Team Jacob or another wolf spirit shifter no vamps please
  7. tiger721boi

    Chapter 6

    I liked this chapter alot I just hope we don't have to wait over a year to see the next one :-).
  8. tiger721boi


    OMG!!! Great story so far I can't wait till Jian and Emmett actually get together for real. I am kinda hoping that when they do get together Jian miraculously turns into his white tiger . Keep up the good work and please don't wait long to update love this story
  9. God I love this Story I can't wait for the next chapter
  10. I think Dean should join the group in being a canus lunais that would be awesome. Which means if he does that Jon will be the one turning him. Here's hoping
  11. tiger721boi

    Chapter 5

    That was a good chapter when can we see more?
  12. tiger721boi

    Chapter 4

    this Chapter was good when do you think we will see the next chapter?
  13. tiger721boi

    Chapter 3

    I am enjoying this. I hope Harry and Charlie sort this out soon I think it could be a great triad
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