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  1. Fitzhugh


    I love Will and excited for the new saga.
  2. Mark Thanks so much for this latest saga of the CAP family of tales. While I was originally reading it I had a difficult time keeping up with the cast of new characters, so this week I re-read it. And I really enjoyed the whole story. Was able to keep up with characters, themes, sub themes, and hints at things to come. Love it 😍 I so look forward to the next great story.
  3. Fitzhugh

    Chapter 86

    Re-reading this story (started the series over), I remembered when I started to dislike Wade.
  4. Fitzhugh

    Chapter 38

    I loved Helen coming in and taking Tyler under her wing. Her character always has made me think of the actress Holland Tayler. Smart, strong, elegant and able to cut through the Bullshit without getting dirty.
  5. Fitzhugh

    Chapter 73

    I love Will, always have. Comparing his and Z relationship to Brad and Robbie,,,,Those Hayes men have a difficult time making a true commitment. JP and Jeff Hayes, hot mess, Brad and Robbie, roller coaster of men and emotions. Matt and Wade, eh, I’ve always loved Matt, but what a man whore, but I do think he’s grown up and hopefully has settled down So Will, save yourself some future heartache, go to Harvard and have a blast with those Ivy League men, Zack will never be anything but a fuck buddy to anyone.
  6. Fitzhugh

    Chapter 71

    I do as well. Intriguing but confusing. But I kinda miss the intrigue of the Crampton-Schluters of Claremont I’ve longed to see JJ quit acting like an asshole. He was such a sweet little boy.
  7. Fitzhugh

    Chapter 21 Trust

    Poor Dane. It’s going to take a lot of love from his Dads to give him a true feeling of stability.
  8. Fitzhugh

    Chapter 3

    Loved this story.
  9. Fitzhugh

    Chapter 23

    Thank you. ❤️❤️💕💕
  10. Fitzhugh

    Chapter 22

    Oh my god, Tyler needs help. He needs to confide in Jacob, go see Drake, or maybe Kyle can help him. He’s experienced in reading people and seeing through bull$hit. Please don’t let this story go into anymore abuse than the verbal. What Andy is going through breaks my heart.
  11. Fitzhugh

    Chapter 21

    Ugh, the exchange between Tyler and dipshit Alex was difficult to read. It kind of makes me want to not continue to read the story. Please have a piano or an anvil fall on Tyler’s head.
  12. Fitzhugh

    Chapter 18

    Alex is a SOB. Needs to go. When will we find out Sean’s story?
  13. Fitzhugh

    Chapter 65

    I love Will, always have and always will!!
  14. Tears of joy, simply beautiful. Thank you so much.
  15. Love it. 💕 Perfect! 🥰 Thank you ❤️
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