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  1. Shaggy_93

    Chapter 37

    Wesley NEEDS to find that other pack so he can be de-programed... no ifs, ands or buts...
  2. Shaggy_93

    Chapter 30

    AMAZING STORY... re read is definately happening.... gonna take forever and im gonna love it
  3. Shaggy_93

    Chapter 29

    Good story, dont like the ending... especially if that is the end... Jihan didn't deserve to be done dirty in this story, lost limb... ok but full on death isnt cool.. i will never read this story again if this is how Jihan's story ends.
  4. Dang... we get dark when someone messes with our favourite characters 😶
  5. If zeke wipes his memory, he will be no better than "G"...
  6. I guessed this a while ago in my own head.... i just never verbalized it till now.... zeke is gonna make heads roll one way or another...
  8. Short. Sweet. Absoloutely Hilarious. This is gonna be an amazing story! I can feel it.... thank you for all your hard work!
  9. G is on his way out... hes scared lol
  10. If ryan moved on, he still needs time, and Jasper Needs sobriety desperately.
  11. Shaggy_93

    Aid: 5.5

    Casper needs to tread carefully... hes too close to Father and too close to James... Caleb seems like a decent human being in an extraordinary circumstance... poor kid
  12. Shaggy_93

    Aid: 5.4

    Father is a manipulative fucker..... i think i get it.... im not saying anything
  13. Shaggy_93

    Aid: 5.2

    That last line was definately comedic.... 😆
  14. Shaggy_93


    Jasper should be careful about how many times he pushes and pulls ryan back in to his life... it may end badly... even unintentionally
  15. Shaggy_93

    Chapter 7

    This was a very good story, it was quick and had comedy (something we all need these days). You are an amazing writer, and i always look forward to what you decide to write next... thank you for being an amazing artist!
  16. Shaggy_93

    Rock Bottom

    Now im worried about ryan... about what? I don't know... its just a feeling
  17. Shaggy_93

    Subito Forte

    Now i want to see what happens.... wonderfully written.... i just hope all ends well for poor rick... and i really hope rita has to pay what she owes$$$
  18. Who is this little shit? Is he a good egg, or is he rotten? Hopefully he doesnt hurt our little flyboy...
  19. Those two idiots are either gonna get pinched by the cops or get away with it.... i hope they get pinched
  20. Shaggy_93

    Chapter 5

    The ending made me laugh! I needed that 😁
  21. If you make a sequel i will read every chapter... you are an amazing author!
  22. Shaggy_93

    Chapter Two

    Big fan, cant wait for more... have no critical thoughts, because it is so well made.... keep it up! You are doing amazing 😁
  23. Shaggy_93

    Chapter 14

  24. My dislike for daniel has been growing for 50 chapters or so... this just pushed it further... He wants a status quo that doesnt exist... he doesnt fully realize the damage don is doing to him and his brother, and if he knows and sees it, and still does nothing, it just pushes me away from him. Amazing story, been reading since chapter 1 😁
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