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  1. rockycs

    Idee Fixe

    It seems a bit odd the "renter" is responsible for paying for maintenance repairs. Around here that would be the responsibility of the owner/landlord. Is that how it works in Wisconsin? For an old place like Cedarcrest it could be a financial disaster. Hope the roof doesn't go any time soon. 😬
  2. The problem I have with this is the breakup is all made out to be Robbie's fault. "You walked out on me." My recollection of the time is that Nathan was not only hell bent on flirting with everything in sight, alive or dead, but was also pushing Robbie toward a threeway that Robbie clearly wasn't comfortable with. If Nathan has now matured - I've yet to see any evidence of it.
  3. rockycs

    Chapter 8

    Perhaps it's just because my PC Monitor is 24 inches wide. ☺️ Myself I would just stay left justified and use a different font/italics/or bolding to differentiate texts. It's completely up to you though. I'll look at it on a tablet.
  4. rockycs

    Chapter 8

    My phone dings. you good? PJ, again. Yes, I would have said before. I’ve said it many times. Again and again, as if saying a thing makes it true. Every lie making me feel more hallow. I found a job. I type in. Send. professional? The little office in the wood comes to mind first, that cramped little office among trees. The doors of that empty supply closet painted with the expanse of map with quarters unknown. Professional Is all I write. I find the far right formatting of discussion answers a bit awkward to follow. Sometimes I've missed the response (until I go back for a second look). Is there a reason for this formatting style?
  5. rockycs

    Chapter 5

    There is probably Dad forcing a relationship with a girl in there somewhere! 😬
  6. rockycs

    Chapter 4

    I don't know one way or the other but when James uses "Ali" and Cameron uses "Jamie" it does seem to imply that they both know.
  7. rockycs


    Well no doubt the Author has room for many plot twists, but I'd throw out this theory: The lovers were Luke and Howie, which would have been anathema to Millicent Being a religious nutter, (and of course not wanting to do her own dirty work) Millicent browbeats Matthew into trying to buy/scare Howie off But it all goes sideways - poor Howie ends up dead Luke finds out, and it doesn't go over well The remains of Howie are still in the house somewhere, which is why possession or destruction of the house is uppermost in someone's mind The only part I don't like is the suicide. But I suppose with his lover dead, and family facing prison because of it, Luke was understandably a bit distraught. Happens in the best of families.... 😬
  8. rockycs


    Oh oh. I think poor Howie got himself murdered.
  9. rockycs


    So, I wonder if when the plywood comes down beside the fireplace something is uncovered. Something about Luke.
  10. I didn't miss it. I was intentionally ignoring it. 😬
  11. Poor Nathan !! Two broken arms! I expect we'll see nurse Robbie 'helping out'..... I hope our boy has the maturity to break up with Connor first. But I do a lot of hoping around here. I'll put my wager on devious Don being the villain and Alex coming to Nathan's rescue. Alex did have some knowledge he wanted to pass on to Robbie. Jo better cancel any vacation plans for awhile because her case load has probably just gone up by three (Nathan, Alex & Luke). 😵 It goes back to Robbie and Alex's last discussion about the missing money jar money: “You didn’t steal it, did you?” “That’s what I said, dickhead. But I think I know who did.” “Who?” “I’ll tell you tomorrow. Maybe we can meet up someplace. There’s some stuff you need to know. I don’t care anymore. I got nothing to lose.”
  12. rockycs

    Chapter 8

    Yes, I came to the comments just to mention a bodyguard. Stratos cannot be everywhere at once. There could easily be a slip up.
  13. rockycs

    Chapter 11

    I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing that no one thought to tell the officer that Cole's arm injury may well have come from a knife, as was kind of intimated. I expect the police reaction would have taken on a very different degree of seriousness, to the detriment of Mrs. Thomas. Even if it was somewhat "accidental" by one person colliding into another. Was it a knife? Perhaps this will still come out which could make it extremely hard for Cole's Mom to start making unreasonable demands. (Sorry, typing this as Big Ben was posting).
  14. Who stole the swear jar money is not really Robbie's problem. I was hoping when Alex asked for the $2,000 that Robbie would take a look at his accounts. I've a nagging feeling Don may have invested some of Robbie's funds into a sure-fire can't go wrong Church investment scheme.
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