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  1. rockycs


    That Lex is fast too given that he left his horse behind and still got to Syrin first............... 😁
  2. A very enjoyable tale !! Thank you very much. There are dozens of paths for a sequel to meander down. Perhaps they will take in an stray? Would need to build an addition on the house, tho.... ⛪
  3. rockycs

    Libera Me

    Enjoying the story! I wonder if Rita has ever been successful with her grand schemes? No one really likes surprises, and I expect that includes many of the Eagle Creek citizens. There are enough people in on the deal now that word should start leaking out soon. I wonder what other properties Willy's family owns around town? I wouldn't worry too much about a Rilly Vortex. It would be a tossup which one screws the other over first.
  4. rockycs

    Chapter 42

    I thought the book was between planes of something for safekeeping? If I ever start another of these 1,000 word at a time stories then I need to be smacked in the side of the head.
  5. rockycs


    I'm sure you're right - you're the author!!! 😆 I agree that family is the strongest draw for Rick. He doesn't come across as caring too much about money. But even family ties have a limit when you are constantly being told you are stupid, not worth much and useless in whatever you do. Right now Rick is doing all the work and Heinrich is sucking out all the profits. Perhaps the threat of leaving might might help? Rick needs to work on recognizing his self worth and that is probably best coming from within, not through meeting someone else. He is a genuine nice guy all by himself. Kn
  6. rockycs


    I think Rick would do well by walking out of the shop, locking the door, and opening up his own plumbing business. The townsfolk would support him. Heinrich should be invited to deal with the old, soon to fail business.
  7. Can anyone remind me approximately what month it is? I'm trying to determine how long until winter. It's easy for the land agent to say "someone could get a crop in" but I don't want to see the boys tenting it through winter. I too think Coy will stay and buy an adjoining plot. They can work together while Coy keeps his options open. 😀 I had also wondered if the Sheriff might have telegraphed a good word or two to the Sheriff of Larkspur (providing they have one.) Seems like something he might do.
  8. rockycs

    Chapter 1

    Well it's a bit weird this story is popping up in newest stories. I'm guessing a bit that the author re-posted chapter 1 rather than updating the chapter? Something happened on 12/20/2020 to trigger this but it isn't easy to determine what.
  9. Hmmm. May not work but what about a stall for the horse with a two foot trench on the side allowing the farrier to be a bit lower? Of course there would need some guard to prevent the horse from stepping off the edge. You should be proud. Creating things from metal with just heat and force is an art. There are still quite a few blacksmiths around, oddly enough. At least in Canada. Out in the country, of course. On the quoting thing my problem is there can be a comment followed by a response. I want to quote both the comment and the response with my new comment. Can't seem to fig
  10. Sorry. Try as I might I just can't seem to figure out quoting on this site and how to do it properly. I think I will just give up commenting.
  11. 😀 yeah, I hear you. Me, I'd buy a plot in town and start a nice Livery Stable. Over time a good Blacksmith Shop next door. As the town grows I'd probably end up with a couple more businesses as well. Would still take hard work and a bit of good luck! To each his own, I guess. 😀
  12. Geez... Farming. Work your butt off all year and bang - a sudden rainstorm, or no rain at the right time, or a swarm of grasshoppers - and suddenly you are wiped out. The boys couldn't be satisfied with a Stable? A Saloon? A decent Dance Hall? A mid-market Bordello? 😀
  13. rockycs

    Chapter 25

    Well I'm too practical with these kinds of things so can only think of something like "Golden Eyes". It really requires something more romantic. I'm sure a number of current readers can come up with something better.
  14. rockycs

    Chapter 25

    So I kinda don't think this story doesn't have a title because you were just laid back/busy/distracted or any number of alternate reasons. Were you fishing for some reader feedback or is the odd title the final title?
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