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  1. I missed the original announcement you had caught the virus....and THEN I missed the announcement you were feeling better! Well I’m really glad for the latter. Keep well, Mark!
  2. My dear Gary...I so enjoyed this story, and although I’m sad it’s come to an end, I have your next one(s) to look forward to! I so enjoyed watching Boone and Coy grow into their love. I love how sweet they are together, and love how they’ve built a warm, loving life together. I can’t wait for your next story...is it in the works now? Take care, and be safe. I hear Ontario is pretty bad right now. Coral
  3. As I’ve said before....you’re a GREAT storyteller, Gary! I really don’t want this story to end...as long as there aren’t any problems! Phineas may not show much brightness above his shoulders, but.....does he have any influential friends? Any chance Corker knows anything? I guess they’re going to each build a house/home and stables before winter comes. I will be here for each and every chapter, dear friend! Coral
  4. Sigh.....great chapter. Really happy they’ve found each other, they’re learning about each other, and busy falling in love. Now....please set my mind at rest about the damn lots!
  5. Aawww....I’m really happy Coy and Boone “found” each other. But.....now I have to worry about when they go back to Phineas in Larkpur. Please make it all ok??
  6. Gary....I love, love LOVE this story. I’m very conflicted! I want to know how it ends with Coy and Boone, and I don’t want it to end. What a great tv series this would make. Well done, my friend. Coral
  7. Coastguard

    Chapter 16

    Andre, I have good news.....and more good news. I am really impressed with the last couple of chapters....just a couple of minor typos and spelling errors. You are an excellent story teller. I feel like I’m aboard the Belle with Andrew, Ryan and the bairns. It’s such a pleasure to read now with so few errors. I typed up a manuscript for a lawyer client, his memoirs, who was born in Cape Town, leaving there after college as he was disgusted with apartheid. An extremely well read man, and very interesting. He was the great, great, great grandson of the governor of St. Helena, who governed when
  8. Coastguard

    Chapter 14

    Sorry....this was posted twice!!!
  9. Coastguard

    Chapter 14

    I posted this comment under user feedback, which probably was a mistake. So, with apologies, I will repost it here. I have good news and bad news. Good news is I think you’re a very good story teller, and, for the most part, I am enjoying this story very much. Bad news? Well the number of typos in all the chapters frustrated me ALMOST to the point of giving up. I only saw 5 fairly minor typos in this chapter, which made the story so much more enjoyable! Why not get an editor.....there are quite a few listed with Gay Authors, and they are free. Not sure how many more chapters ar
  10. My dear Gary: it has been such a delight to comeback to GA after 3 years and re-discover your consummate skill as a story teller. I so enjoyed Malaise, and I surely do hope you will write sequels to this. I’m also thoroughly enjoying Sidewinder, Song and Dance, and Cards on the Table. I am proud to be a fellow Canadian.....please promise me you won’t give up writing these incredible stories, and produce lots more! Cheers, Coral
  11. Coastguard

    I Remember

    Beautifully and poignantly written. The love you shared.....the fun you had. What beautiful memories you have to sustain you through the darkness. Thank you for sharing.
  12. Happy Birthday, Coastguard! I hope you had a great day!!


    Image result for happy birthday

  13. Happy Birthday!   I hope you are well.





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