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  1. Coastguard

    I Remember

    Beautifully and poignantly written. The love you shared.....the fun you had. What beautiful memories you have to sustain you through the darkness. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Happy Birthday, Coastguard! I hope you had a great day!!


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  3. Happy Birthday!   I hope you are well.





  5. It’s been quite a while since I let myself enjoy your writing, tim....nothing to do with you or your writing, sort of my own protest of the changes made to gayauthors.com. All that aside, I’m really enjoying this story. Can’t make up my mind if it’s a fantasy or fairy tale. Doesn’t matter...it’s GOOD!
  6. Coastguard

    Chapter 5

    DaBeagle...you are one of my very favourite authors...love your website too. Can’t wait for more chapters!
  7. Coastguard

    Chapter 60

    Great chapter, Mark. One editing comment: in this sentence, I’m concerned about keeping our distance, but I do not see how sharing information at that level will cause us undo problems,” JP said. Undo should be undue.
  8. Coastguard

    Chapter 48

    I did enjoy this chapter....it's great Mark is back on track with the story. One spelling error I have to comment on is the misspelled word "broach". It should be "brooch".
  9. Coastguard

    Chapter 1

    My dear tim...this chapter shows exactly why you're a Promising Author. Really powerfully moving. I can't help but be angry at Don for wanting to live so dangerously. Very well done. Bring on the rest of the chapters!
  10. Coastguard

    The Hollow Hills

    I don't know why I've waited so long to read The Hollow Hills. I finished up to and including Ch. 20 in one sitting in one night. Very well written, and really gripping! Can't wait for the rest of it. I hope Galen and Josh have a HEA, and that I don't get to meet Jamie or Galen's parents, who IMHO deserve to be shot!. Thanks Valkyrie...a very good story!
  11. Coastguard

    Chapter 10

    And the exciting story continues! One grammar thing that sort of bothers me. During the phone call to Tom, Jeff said, "I think you will agree this phone call was necessary. Paul and Maria are living with me since Josh Morgan burned their house down last night. We figure since Paul's Explorer was parked in the drive Morgan probably believed they was both inside." Given that Jeff is an educated lawyer, I can't see him making a grammar mistake like that. However, rest assured it doesn't detract from the story!
  12. Coastguard

    Chapter 5

    I'm really enjoying this story, Jim! It flows really well, and I can't wait for new chapters!
  13. It's taken me this long to get over the shock of your news. I am very, very fond of you darling boy...it's just not fair. You make damn sure you NEVER give up. My husband was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia in 1985, was told that he probably wouldn't see the nineties AND that it would be a secondary disease that would kill him. WRONG AND WRONG! He died in 2006 of CLL when he was 72. Keep your chin up, tim. Keep those great stories coming.
  14. Coastguard

    Chapter 22

    Great story...just a tad confused. Is the villainous swimmer's name Paul or Pete, or is there someone else lurking about??
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