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  1. LilDaddy98

    Chapter 16

    Blowtorches and scalpels. Kinky. I love it. Excellent chapter as well
  2. LilDaddy98


    Excellent work Val, and it plays perfectly with how in the day of social media guilt is forever even if you're innocent.
  3. LilDaddy98

    Titles 2

    Good to see Chris finally acting like someone of importance and power. Even if he is still unsure about it. Keep up the excellent work @gabz2000
  4. LilDaddy98


    That actually intrigues me to no end. 😂 Keep up the excellent work @WolfM
  5. LilDaddy98


    I am really enjoying this story. Keep up the excellent work.
  6. Excellent chapter. You had me rolling with the conversation between Patri and Victor. Patri reminds me of my own grandpa who would've done the exact same thing. Anywho, am anxiously waiting for the Ascension and the inevitable drama that will ensue. Keep up the good work @gabz2000
  7. LilDaddy98

    Aftermath 1

    Yay! A perfect way to start my relaxing after a work day. Excellent work @gabz2000, you are keeping me intrigued enough to come back for more.
  8. LilDaddy98

    Retribution 3

    I'll be patient, but, I really wanna get to the fight between Chris and Gustav. I'm loving this story as I tend to read to escape reality for a bit. Keep up the excellent work @gabz2000
  9. LilDaddy98

    First Surge 2

    Hmm, an intriguing and dramatic display of power. I am curious to see where it goes. Excellent chapter @gabz2000, keep up the good work.
  10. LilDaddy98

    Battle Lines 3

    I'm starting to think that the tower has some level of sentience. Maybe the concentration of Elvish magic is resonating with Chris, not sure though. Keep up the good work @gabz2000
  11. LilDaddy98

    Battle Lines 2

    My inner high school student was chanting, "Fight, fight, fight!" An excellent chapter @gabz2000.
  12. I like how Chris is learning since I do the same thing. I'll read about something and then practice and experiment until I have a decent understanding of it. Patri, reminds me of my own grandfather. Willing to teach us anything as it would not only broaden our horizons, but make us more self-sufficient. Waiting patiently for the next updates as I'm enjoying this series.
  13. LilDaddy98

    Holiday Cheer 2

    This was just the update I needed after today. Evidently, I live in a town that didn't like how the Superbowl played out and decided to take out their moods on retail workers. lol. Good work @gabz2000, keep it up.
  14. LilDaddy98

    Holiday Cheer 1

    Excellent work @gabz2000. It won't be the same though without the daily upload, but I can wait.
  15. LilDaddy98

    Discoveries 2

    Hmm, curiouser and curiouser.
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