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  1. LilDaddy98

    Chapter 24

    I'm honestly low-key perturbed that Kieran wasn't a traitor. Not really. I do wonder if Cyn's newfound confidence is wrapped up in Shea's "promotion" to Enforcer. Can't wait to see how this all plays out. Excellent chapter as usual @astone2292
  2. LilDaddy98

    Chapter 23

    Pierce and Shelly are the logical suspects, therefore I need lots of evidence against them. Kieran on the other hand is a likely candidate as a spy especially given his skills and profession. Able to fly under the radar with his personality (could it be an act, who knows). Honestly, he could be a good guy that has been bullied into doing some evil actions. Or he could just be a person who is evil and able to hide it. So I'll be tuning in, "Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel." Keep up the good work @astone2292
  3. LilDaddy98

    Embers 2

    Though he be small, yet mighty. And reading that conversation was like listening to my dad talk to his buddies which were all tradesmen, blue collar workers, and Vets.
  4. With what happened to Cyrus, is it any wonder that one's "made" family is almost better than "birth" family. As I was reading the conversation about disciplining Wagner. Cyrus actually reminds me of Dr. Doom with certain personality traits. Another excellent chapter @astone2292
  5. LilDaddy98

    Embers 1

    Woohoo! You're back. I'm looking forward to devouring this tale as I did your others.
  6. LilDaddy98

    Heritage Heretic

    How I've missed this story til now is beyond me. It is an excellent piece of work.
  7. LilDaddy98

    Chapter 12

    Val is mysteriously powerful. One of those powers is to make my eyes shower themselves with her words. 😆 Anywho, I'm not used to stories that focus on non-predatory shifters. It's a nice change and intrigues me. Keep it up @astone2292
  8. LilDaddy98

    Chapter 14

    Excellent chapter @lomax61. I love straight talkers like Nile, the world needs more like that. He does need to talk to the ex for either closure or to see if they can rekindle the relationship. As for Bev and Prince, it just seems shady to me and the whole excuse was a little too cliche for me. I feel that Bev thinks she is doing good by Spencer. She just seems too self-absorbed to me. Anyway, have a Merry Christmas, stay blessed and highly favored.
  9. LilDaddy98


    I can so relate to Henry's position. While recovering from Pneumonia/Rona I was so fatigued I didn't leave my bed for over a week except to use the bathroom. And I hated it. I'm used to being on the go and doing something. Anything that interferes with that is evil in my eyes, at the same time I recognize that I needed the rest. Another great work @Valkyrie
  10. Curses! You got my eyes showering themselves again. Imma need you to continue on with your bad self @Valkyrie.
  11. LilDaddy98

    Chapter 11

    *wipes tears* My baby finally growed up. As for Muriel, I don't even want to imagine what her life is like. She seems to know what she wants, when she wants it, and is not afraid to voice her opinion. Very Scrooge-ish behavior at times. But maybe she isn't the true villain we want her to be. I'm thinking she has been waiting for Spencer to "man up," I guess we could say. And now that she has, she'll be able to respect him more. Anyway, excellent chapter @lomax61, keep it up.
  12. LilDaddy98


    You done got me up in my feelings Val. I'm starting to think that you're a witch or something as I don't get emotional often.
  13. LilDaddy98

    Chapter 10

    A wonderful chapter @lomax61. I think the day off was much needed for Spencer. Darcy is my spirit twin as I'm the same way. Still unsure of Bev, maybe she's doing the best she can at being a bestie though. Still, seems like she steamrolls Spencer like everyone else. It will be a momentous occasion when Spencer does leave Moresby's clutches.
  14. LilDaddy98

    Maria and Annie

    My heart breaks for soldiers and what they go through. Excellent work as always @Valkyrie
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