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  1. “How fitting it was that he was wearing the uniform that had taken him away from his friend and lover for so long because it was in that moment, as he felt a tear fall onto his cheek, that he felt like a soldier who had finally come home from a long fight.“ — Sublime. I don’t post often but am such a fan of this continuing story. The attention to detail, how you linked events between the books, the love and care with which you develop your characters and their stories. So masterfully done. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. I look forward to book 3!
  2. mikeinatl

    Chapter 36

    Ending?? Who said anything about an ending!!!! 😳. Haha
  3. mikeinatl

    Chapter 33

    I don’t post often, but want to again express my appreciation for this series of stories. Finished this chapter with red eyes and a runny nose. Exceptional. Thank you!!
  4. mikeinatl

    Chapter 27

    Wow, even though I witnessed the wedding in “The Acquittal,” this chapter gave me all the feels, especially seeing it through Tyler’s eyes. It’s been wonderful seeing his walls fall, block by block. A lot of them fell when he realized he was an important part of the family. Today, seeing Stephanie and Helen’s reaction to him, seeing Kyle and Jacob express their love, allowing himself to shed tears at the wedding, seeing Sean and holding hands with him, knowing that Sean would have to be vetted by his new family...to laughing at the end and not exactly knowing why...so beautifully written. Can’t wait to keep reading!!
  5. mikeinatl

    Chapter 26

    What a great chapter! I appreciate that Tyler is feeling less “obligated” to spend time at the orchard and realizes it’s a privilege. I also like that he’s warming to Kyle, who IMO, has been nothing but kind to him. I read the magic wand part of the story on the train this morning. It took all I could do not to cry with laughter on the train. The reactions in the kitchen were so real and in the moment. I felt like I was there with them trying to hold it in (although Liz didn’t) until Brian’s response. Priceless!! I also loved Helen’s larger than life arrival, but also loved how David and Sam could kind of keep her in her place. “And now you know why we divorced,” with a smile on her face. Brilliant. Can’t wait for the next chapter!
  6. mikeinatl

    Chapter 24

    Completely addicted to this story and characters. I’m really liking how Kyle’s and Tyler’s relationship is developing. And I hope they become real friends. Love this story! Thanks, Jonathan. Your work is much appreciated!
  7. Have so enjoyed these characters and their journey. Am glad to see Aidan grow a pair, and glad to see Heath be so vulnerable. Awesome chapter.
  8. mikeinatl

    Chapter 20

    I know it will be, and that’s part of my anticipation. Because they’re both wrong, and they’re both right.
  9. mikeinatl

    Chapter 20

    David continues to show what an awesome father figure he is. As far as Tyler, he’s never seen his worth, and even when he’s had hints at it, it’s been a combination of friends lifting him up and circumstances being favorable. He’s not figured out internally exactly what he’s worth. And that’s a recipe for putting up with a lot of crap that no one with a positive sense of self-worth would put up with. I’m looking forward to him realizing how great a guy he is. And I can’t wait for Kyle and him to meet. Looking forward to seeing Jacob again, too!
  10. mikeinatl

    Chapter 18

    Another very good chapter, but our boys are all dealing with big stuff right now...except maybe Jacob. Alex has proven himself to be no good. I think we’ve all been in a dating anti-Christ situation...hopefully early as we grow, and hopefully only once. I learned from mine that I was on the wrong path and took control. Hope Tyler does it soon...and forcefully. Yeah, that Sean in a mystery...as well as how he makes Tyler feel.
  11. mikeinatl

    Chapter 13

    Another awesome chapter. Glad Kyle is finally in town and look forward to seeing him in this story. My comment centers around Alex. Based on his initial conversation with Tyler, I was not impressed. But then his flirting with Tyler and initial time together. was nice. But his actions in this chapter confirm my initial impression, and that is Tyler is in what feels like an abusive relationship. Alex keeps the focus on himself, is nothing if inconsistent, gets angry when things don’t go the way he wants, and then blames Tyler. Tyler’s too good for that, so I hope he gets out. As far as the other potential suitors, Sean is quite the mystery pulling out his gold Amex. Perhaps his conversation with Drake may cause Drake to determine how he truly feels about Tyler and take action. Can’t wait to see what’s next.
  12. mikeinatl

    Chapter 12

    Another awesome chapter. I so enjoy seeing how parts of the Acquittal fit into, and overlap with, Tyler’s story. You, sir, have a big task ahead of you to weave it all together. But I have no doubt that you’ll tie it together, and still keep Tyler’s story his own, brilliantly. Last chapter, I was hopeful for Alex after a less than flattering introduction. This chapter, not so much. Tyler is a good guy, deserving of true love.
  13. mikeinatl

    High Five!

    Hi Laura, sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Heath continues to surprise in the best ways. He helped Aidan get the promotion. He bottomed for Aidan, which he said he wouldn’t do. He’s just so kind and loving to him. Then he got his feelings hurt when Aidan backtracked. But yet he withholds his own true feelings. It’s kind of surprising, unless he still can’t admit it to himself. Somebody has to give because they’re obviously in love. Can’t wait to see who reveals their true feelings first...and not in a moment of passion.
  14. mikeinatl

    Chapter 11

    I haven’t posted thus far, but that in NO WAY reflects my love of The Acquittal or this story. It is great to see the characters we came to know and love from The Acquittal, but this time playing a part around Tyler’s story, who is a really likable guy. I can only imagine how challenging it is to weave the stories together, tie in key details, and yet keep them distinct. Bravo! Tyler and Alex’s dance...that felt sexy and romantic to me. Color me hopeful. Andy’s question to Jacob concerns me because we all know the divorce has been really difficult for him, sense he stuck with her even though he never truly loved her while letting his loved one slip by. I’m wondering if he’s trying to things in place to ultimately “check out.” And to address another commenter about giving Tyler’s father another chance. His father’s explanations of the past were beyond lame. And I suspect he reached out to Tyler because he has cancer. All the reasons seem to be about him, not Tyler. Tyler deserved to say what he did. We all know Tyler’s a nice guy, so it will be interesting to see what he does next. But I don’t think he owes his dad anymore than he’s already given. Jon, thank you so much for these incredible characters and the stories that are their homes. Each time I get a notification there’s a new chapter makes me happy.
  15. mikeinatl

    Keeping It Real

    I was out of town and now catching up on the last three chapters. I hope Aiden gives Heath that dose of honesty he started to. But all in good time. In the meantime, love these guys together.
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