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  1. Blondie40

    Embracing the Tension

    Aswsome Love story with lots of hot sex.
  2. Any Info on when this story is going to be continued? I really enjoyed the characters and would love to read more!
  3. Blondie40

    Part IV

    Loved the series..... But what happened next! I don't see the last chapters posted!!!! Please tell me iris out there and I am just missing it.
  4. Blondie40

    Chapter 11

    I enjoyed these stories but both stories kind of kept the reader hanging and felt unfinished. Are there more chapters to be published?
  5. Blondie40

    Surprise, Surprise

    Love your stories and can't wait for the next installment!
  6. Blondie40

    The Facilitator

    More please! Would love to see their relationship as it progresses!
  7. Blondie40

    Chapter 12: Little Brother

    I have been enjoying your story but this is the second time you wrote a sex scene with no perpetration of Emry for the act. Just an irritation of mine since it is so unrealistic....
  8. Blondie40


    Please tell me there will be more of this story!!!!!!!
  9. Blondie40

    Chapter 1

    Is there more? This shows as complete but it seams that there should be additional chapters....
  10. Blondie40


    Awesome story! Can't wait to read more of your work.
  11. Blondie40

    Chapter 23 - Epilogue

    Loved the story, hope to see more from you.
  12. Blondie40

    I Don't Want to Fight Tonight

    Please tell me that more is coming soon! I have been reading this story non stop for over a week and I get to this chapter and was like WTF!!! That isn't an ending! Please please please tell us something new is coming! I usually don't read in process stories for this reason and I thought that when I started it, it was stated as being complete. Must have read that wrong though and am kicking myself for it now. I tried to look at your blog but there wasn't anything new on this since may. this story really captured me and I hope that dust and ash find each other again!
  13. Blondie40

    Blind Date - Part 11

    When can we expect a new chapter!!!! I love the story so far and can't wait to read more.

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