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  1. craigster3999

    Chapter 7 - Ember

    Love this story! I can totally see the face expressions and body movements from your descriptions. Thank you, can't wait for the next chapter to roll out as soon as I finish reading a chapter.
  2. I'm not sure why you posted 'angry'. Care to elaborate. 

    1. grahamsealby


      Can you please tell me why you posted 'angry.'? If there's something about my story you don't like please let me know. I need to get feedback

  3. craigster3999

    Destiny Begets Destiny

    PLEASE, whether you do a book 2 or continue with this one.... PLEASE continue. Absolutely look forward to this every week. It is so out there and yet believably down to earth, it is one I feel can go on and on they delicious way you have set it up, I hope you continue that way. Now, thank you so much for broadening this old mans thoughts and writing a truly well written, great story! We should all be honored for your sharing. Sincerely, Craig
  4. craigster3999

    My Daniel

    So sorry for your loss. What a wonderful tribute and I look forward to your sharing of one who has been a truly great friend and companion.
  5. craigster3999

    Chapter 10

    Having lots of fun reading the story and all the characters. Looking forward to many more chapters and the escapes of Princess!
  6. craigster3999

    Another Milestone

    The whole story has been very enjoyable, thank you Bill for your story and diligence to get the boys through school. I personally can't wait to see where the go from here and read about their sorted tales. Please do continue with the rest of the story. Craig
  7. craigster3999

    I've Changed ...

    Thank you Robert, what a well thought out and entertaining story! So many avenues and directions it just kept you waiting for the next adventure and chapter. I truly appreciate and thank you for your talented efforts to entertain your readers! Can't wait for your next story. Craig
  8. craigster3999

    Chapter 24

    I still have tears in my eyes from the final chapter, your words were powerful and true. At 57, I have witnessed and experienced many horrible acts against people who "don't conform". The words in Dorian's speech should be shared to many. I am sad to see the end of the story though, it has been totally engaging and extremely enjoyable. Thank you for sharing your effort and talent!

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