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  1. Blueyes57


    Time to start at the very beginning again with the first story
  2. Blueyes57

    November 20th

    Disappointed TBWH is a premium story
  3. I enjoyed this one Thanks
  4. Its a pity this story will never be finished. After 7 years I think its dead. Such a shame. Beautiful writing. Descriptive without a large amount of words. Such a shame ☹️
  5. Dum dum DUM! oh it most definitely would be! lol
  6. ha ha yes! too funny!
  7. Blueyes57

    Santa Baby

    LOL! Good grief what did they do!? lol Action packed chapter! Hopefully its just Braxton- Hicks or they can stop the labor with drugs and she'll be on bed rest ( oh boy that'll go over good ugh)
  8. oh wow HA HA told ya it was his ex! what a cliff hanger!
  9. Oh geesh don't tell me its Rudy's ex please ugh
  10. Blueyes57

    White Christmas

    Seems Karl is being introduced to Karma lol For some reason I didn't get notices about chapters 8 & 9. I'll have to check to see if I'm still following the story
  11. Blueyes57

    Mary's Boy Child

    The set up chapters were very good. Now the fun begins. Lets see what happens next
  12. Blueyes57

    Man Crush Saga

    I just laughed so hard with this chapter that my ribs hurt and I have tears in my eyes! so damn funny especially Baker in the background going on and on and on and on.........lmao!
  13. Blueyes57


    Let me start by saying that I have every story written by Ms. McCaffrey and every Pern novel she and later her son have written before her death. You did an excellent job on this story. You captured Pern exactly. You even seemed to have gotten the flow down right. If I could figure out to give you 5 stars since they redid the site I would.
  14. Blueyes57

    October 2015

    Another chapter where you disparage WV. First calling it "Bumfuck WV" and now a "Hillbilly" State Trooper. I'll have you know our Troopers get the same education and training as any other state. But thats okay. Our Troopers will still come to the rescue if you need them no matter who or what you are and we'll take your money while you call us names while laughing behind your backs. No problem. Watch out though, we have Castle Law and Concealed Carry here. We Mountaineers like our guns hence our motto: "Mountaineers are always free". Characters spouting off about names and rights and yet they do the same
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