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  1. Thank you for this great story!... I would love to see more!... . Thank you again.
  2. Norrin001

    Chapter 1

    Just a quick Thank You! for your wonderful story. I have read and re-read it many times, just great writeing!. Would love to see more!. Again, thank you for your wonderful imagination!. N.
  3. Just found the "Club", TY. I've voted (I would have many, many times if I could!), so to paraphrase Oliver in "Oliver Twist"... Please sir... may we have some more!?..." Norrin.
  4. Norrin001


    Oh please kind sir!!!, Have pity on those of your fan's who wait with baited breathe to read more of this wonderful story!!... Please!!... . N.
  5. Norrin001

    Chapter 1

    More!!... Oh please, publish soon!... ❤️ N.
  6. Norrin001


    Wow, One of the best sories I've ever read!... Thank you so much!. Loved everything about it!, I can't gush enough!!...
  7. While I can understand where the other commenters are comming from, I've had mental health issues all my life, so the characters are relateable and understandable... ( I'm sorry to say). Really enjoyed this, the reality of it was like a splash of cold water in the face!. Sadly, the reality of it also makes it bitter-sweet, funny if you know how to read what each character says to each other and the sub-text that is there, but the reality of it is too close to the bone... . Thank you, very much... I look forward to reading more of your writing.
  8. Norrin001

    Chapter 16

    Oh, Thank you!, your story goes from strength to strength!, can't get enough, thank you so much!...
  9. Norrin001


    Loved it!... Thank you for the late crimble present!...
  10. Norrin001

    Chapter 1

    Aaaarrgh!... I love these storys!... . Thank you!... can't wait for more... thank you!... :]
  11. Norrin001


    Loving the story!... can't gush enough about it!... (and good luck with the Boards R-robin!)... :]
  12. Norrin001


    OMG, love this Soooooo much... need... more... soon...
  13. Norrin001

    Chapter 26

    Thank you!... finaly a resolution... and a good one!... thank you again. great story!...
  14. Norrin001


    OMG!, The KIAO guys!... thank you for the unexpected crossover!... I love it!. Your stories are among my faviorite on the site, thank you for all the great reads!.
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