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  1. Ylse

    Chapter 14 - Sloths in Disguise

    Welcome back. We miss you.
  2. Ylse


    Lovely bittersweet story.
  3. Hi, Ylse. Thanks for taking the time to read and like Eric's story. I hope you'll continue to enjoy it.  :)

  4. Ylse

    Chapter 17

    You forget that Soviet Union wasn't better. 1929 to 1952, 21.5 million people were repressed. Of these a third (7,166,666) were shot, the rest sentenced to imprisonment, where many also died. They were sent in catle wagon, most of babies didn't make it till Siberia. There is no family in my country who wasn't affect whit WWII and from both sides.
  5. Ylse

    Chapter 9

    I like that you use German and Russian. Makes me want to go read something in these languages too. Even if my German is really rusty. 😌
  6. Ylse

    Chapter 9

    Haw many languages author knows?
  7. Thank you once again for all the likes! You're now all caught up and can join the rest of the crowd with the new chapters. They go live on Fridays at 4:00 am US Eastern Time Zone.

  8. Hi, Ylse. Thank you for all the likes on Summer. I hope you've enjoyed binge reading the first book in the series and will continue to follow CJ's adventures. I think my writing has improved since I penned those chapters and you'll find future installments to your liking. If you ever have comments or questions, don't hesitate to share them. I listen to what readers have to say and will always respond.

  9. Ylse

    Chapter 20

    Started this story yesterday and finished whit alarm to a new day. 😂 Night without a sleep, but whit good story.
  10. Ylse

    Chapter 1

    Sad but very beautiful story.
  11. Ylse

    Chapter twenty-three

    And I thought that it will last till Sommer solstice...
  12. Ylse

    Chapter 4

    Always listen to wise women words...
  13. Ylse

    Song of the moment

    Adam Lambert Ghost town.

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