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  1. Buddy1691

    Part Two

    Enjoyable story
  2. Buddy1691

    Chapter 7

    Hey, what happened to the sequel. Good story though.
  3. Well written. Loneliness can be a bitch
  4. Your stories are excellent and most of are waiting for the final series. Don’t delay, please.
  5. Great stories. Eagerly awaiting the final sequel
  6. Buddy1691

    Chapter 13

    Read this story for the second after a couple of years and enjoyed it again. Very sensuous and well told story of a connection. Sounds as if there are a lot of personal experiences behind it. one of your best
  7. Great story. Cannot find the sequel here, though
  8. Couldn’t find the story “cards on the table” on this site
  9. Buddy1691


    Lovely story
  10. Hi. When do you plan to complete the next part of aspects of dawn? I Have some free time and could give the Beta part a try
  11. Buddy1691

    Strength Of Faith

    Tight paced as usual. Excellent stuff. The wait for chapters is too long 🙂though.
  12. Buddy1691

    Blood Ties

    Great stuff. waiting for the Dagenith as well
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