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  1. c081huang

    A Strange Request

    After about a week, I finally managed to finish the previous 11 books and finish this one up to this chapter. I really like the premise of the story, even though at times I feel a bit awkward at the teen sex parts of the story (maybe cause I'm traditional and from the east, who knows). Other than that, I really adore the Curries, almost to the point where I wish I was part of their family. Keep up the greaf job, Bill. Can't wait to read more from you!
  2. Yep, have read them all before. Keep it up
  3. Good one, here. I'd love to read more from you.
  4. c081huang

    GMA IV

    Solely because Cory LOVES cats and Efrain would do anything to see him happy, sooo... 😽 Also CJ is too mature for me most of the times. I'm the same age as him and I'm a third of his mental age :') Sorry CJ!
  5. c081huang

    GMA IV

    Oh my Cory and Efrain! That was such a pleasant surprise, Carlos. I love what you did there. Hope @Dayne Mora would publish a new chapter sometime soon (hint hint), her two boys are still my favourite characters in all of gay romance fiction world. I definitely need to re-read this later. So many details packed into such a short chapter. Can't wait for the next chapter to drop. Also, will E&C make more appearance here? 😍
  6. c081huang


    I will @Reader1810, but not anytime soon 😉 haven't gotten enough of these characters
  7. c081huang


    Oh no you better not finish the series just yet :)))
  8. c081huang


    Carlos.. If you so much as to think of a plotline involving any divorce between any of the couple's you've mentioned (with the exception of Cristina and Damien, that one I am looking forward to), I would personally travel to the US (or wherever you are) and do unspeakable horrors to you. Consider this a promise. 🙃 🤮
  9. c081huang


    Oh man I can't make any good guess on Liz's last wish for both CJ and Owen! I'm dying of curiosity now CARLOS NEXT CHAPTER PLEASE 😭😭😭 This chapter touches a lot on the issue of money. I'm quite happy seeing Ethan stood up against CJ and caused him to think more about his wealth and his relationship. And as for Damien, are we going to see more of him interacting with CJ? Oh my I have no patience, just release the entire damn book already! 😭
  10. c081huang

    GMA II

    I have so much respect for Thiago in this chapter. I especially like it when he said "It's her body and I wouldn't dream of telling her what to do." If only everyone else in the world are like him... Great chapter, Carlos. Can we fast forward to next Friday please?? ☺️
  11. c081huang

    GMA I

    Yknow, the chapter is almost perfect except for the cliffhanger CARLOS WHY Also, is there gonna be some fixed schedule for each chapter's release? I need to know 🤔
  12. Days of early childhood filled with the smell of dawn and dew, I see chirping and crowing, I hear the morning sun Peeking at the horizon saying hello to the world Of course, growing up you learn. You know better. Dusk and dew cannot be smelt. Chirping and crowing cannot be seen. Sun cannot be heard. Yet you are missing every morning. Filled with fresh sensations surrounding your senses. You care not how to express it. You only feel it. Enjoy it. Oh how time passes. Of course, being an adult you mature. You have responsibilities. Papers from photocopiers can be smelt. Datas from computers can be seen. Blaring of horns outside can be heard. You are not missing these things? How can you? Just like childhood, your senses are overwhelmed. But. Not like childhood, your days are overflowing. With documents and responsibilities and pressures. Pressure to smile, pressure to please, pressure to be productive. Pressure to be unhappy. It is a means to an end, you say. It is a necessary hardships for a better life, you say. Look around, is your life better? Are you getting what you want to get? Giving what you want to give? Take a breath, take a seat. Clear your mind, clear your thoughts. Is this really necessary? Is this really going to help you? Is this sacrifice worth the results you're wanting to achieve? Is life gonna be better? Because you cannot hear the sun anymore, but you can always hear your soul. You cannot smell the refreshing dawn anymore, but you can always smell the sweet end of your day. You cannot see the chirping anymore, but you can always see the sounds of humanity. You can always taste the bittersweet reality. You can always touch upon the hearts of people. Better yet, You can always touch upon the heart of your own. So be good to yourself, and be kind to others Everyone has their problems, and so do you Get through it if it is indeed a means to an end Or so you believe For at the end of the day, you matter most to yourself And you long to smell the dawn, to see the crowing and to hear the sun saying hello to you again.
  13. c081huang


    Tick tock It is five o'clock in the morning, I rouse myself up and made up my bed. The golden sun rises up and greets the world Hello! A new day has fin'ly begin! Ticktock 11 A.M. mind's racing I've got no time to eat to drink to breathe The boss is yelling reports are piling things are falling everywhere and I can't explain tick tock five in the evenin i dont give a fuck. draggin my body and mind through the muck. goin home for dinner but now im stuck in traffic. app'tite goin down the drain Tick tock The clock strikes ten and I am exhausted Living a life lamenting lack of light of dreams, of hope, of vigour and passion Sleep now cause soon all start over again
  14. c081huang

    I still care

    That sounds nice. I'm definitely gonna check it out. Thanks! 😊
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