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  1. CaJu

    Chapter 6

    You depicted really well the emotions of Hunter's friends and family. I think Mayson was the guy with the accident. While it is rather sad that he lost his legs, it would be some kind of justice.
  2. CaJu

    Who's Your Father

    I think Jared's mother was somehow related to Brendan.
  3. CaJu

    Chapter 14

    I guessed that there was something between Bev and Prince after Blake's declaration. I really like Nile. He seems like someone who is good to have as a friend. Waiting to hear Marshall's point of view.
  4. CaJu


    I did guess some of it (Luke being with Max and that being at least one reason for his suicide and Matthew being the one in the house) but I didn't see Matthew killing Max coming.🧐🥴 I think Freya was there to get the photos because she feared them showing Max and Luke. I hope Adrian will be well but I trust that you will give us a happy end 😉
  5. CaJu


    I think Luke took his life because his lover was one of the three death (maybe Max Williams and Freja knew that). Loving the story so far. Let's see what you still have in stock for us.
  6. Interesting story so far. I really like that you try something a bit different even if I loved all your other stories as well. I think the ghost was Rhys lover and made him breakfast just like Mason's. That's the reason he reacted so emotional. Waiting for the next chapter and some more clues about the ghost😉
  7. Love this story. So many interesting storylines and characters😍 As sad as the scene with Sandra was I think it will be good for her relationship eith Grant. And now there is Beth. Can't wait to see how she is going to berate Troy😉
  8. Nice to see more to the story 😍
  9. CaJu

    The Visitors

    Why is this chapter 5 again?
  10. Happy Birthday. I really enjoy the story so far. Many questions to answer. I can't wait for the next chapter.
  11. Still one of the funniest stories I've ever read. The rewrites make it even better, even if it is the third version that I've read.
  12. CaJu

    Chapter 21

    So happy to see this continued😊 Nice chapter😍
  13. This is a great kind of advent's calendar. Thank you all😊
  14. CaJu

    Sweet Men

    I know them as "Weckmann" and their my favorite sweets for Saint Nikolaus. Another really sweet story 😋
  15. CaJu

    Fire Punch

    This brought me right into the christmas spirit, even if Feuerzangenbowle is more of a Silvester (new year's eve) tradition for me. Thank you for the heart-warming story😍
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