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  1. CaJu

    Chapter 19

    What an interesting twist. I never thought Harris would be one of the bad guys. Well done 🤩
  2. CaJu

    Doomsday Clock

    I really love how you write this story. Much of it is heart-wrenching but then there are the light parts as well. 🤩 And I'm still not sure where all of this is going which doesn't happen too often.
  3. CaJu

    The Show

    I didn't see that coming. Fantastic twist in the story🤩
  4. CaJu

    March, 2019 (C)

    I really liked this chapter. It showed how the way into KADA should be. And Ezra rocked it, especially with his promo. Beau slaying Sarah was the best. Never underestimate others😉 That goes for both of them.
  5. CaJu


    I was so happy when I saw this. You're spoiling us🤩 I really like the new angle, to see how somebody starts a career with honest work😜 It will be interesting to see where you're taking all ouf our beloved characters in this story and which new ones we'll get.
  6. CaJu

    Chapter 16.2

    I really love the interaction between the family. Simon sat back to watch his family. Because that's what they were. It's going to be ineresting to see how vampires mate
  7. CaJu

    I Remember

    Jer already has a good influence on Alex. Interesting information about the girlfriend... I am curious to see their relationship evolving.🤩
  8. CaJu

    Fresh Start

    It feels so much like goodbye 😥
  9. CaJu

    Recovery - Shane POV

    Those two not having sex... That will be interesting to see😏
  10. CaJu

    CH19 Europe Sun Sea and ...

    It is really interesting to see how other countries think about germany. Some things are true, especially when you described Frankfurt, but others are just prejudices, for example it is rather hard to get lederhosen in Frankfurt (unless it is september). And the german is weirdly translated sometimes. But if you wrote it yourself, well done. I know german isn't easy. I really like your story.
  11. I really want to know why Shane reacted the way he did! Don't let us wait too long 😉
  12. CaJu

    Ben's Disclosure

    Maybe the dinner at Milton's will get them to talk.
  13. CaJu


    Your stories always have the perfect mix between fun and drama as well as between alien and things we know. Keep it up!👍

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