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  1. Sunshine


    Great chapter as always. It always seems to be wet and/or raining at Camp Refuge. I presume the sun does shine some days? Maybe in the next chapter as things wrap up.
  2. Sunshine

    The Answer

    Great short story. Has all the build-up, the twists and turns, and the final climax and conclusion nicely wrapped up in under 6000 words. Just what I needed when I had half an hour to spare. Well written as always Wayne. Very good and satisfying read. You certainly achieved what you set out to do. And the poem is a perfect complement to the story. Thank you. Later: I just realised, as I was reading through some of the previous comments that I have actually read this story before, about a year ago, and had forgotten. No wonder I liked it! It was even better the second time around. LOL
  3. Sunshine


    I have been deliberately waiting for a month to start reading this book so that I could read more than one chapter, and now I have read five chapters in one sitting. Hmm, now I have to wait for the next one! How will I make it? 🤫 Like others have remarked, I had to smile at the bite marks! LOL And the vision of all those hunky officers in the changing room between shifts. (Really? Don't officers get dressed in their uniform at home before work, and then return that way?) I can empathise with the whole "coming out" to your work partner (boss?) dynamic. Been there, done that. This scene had
  4. Sunshine


    Hmm, do we see another romance developing? And is that good for two bruised boys who hardly know themselves or what life will throw at them? They're both starting off from difficult places, but surely with Greg and Clay's help, nothing can go wrong, can it?
  5. Sunshine


    I wish there really was a Camp Refuge to help people like Lee. I guess there are places and people who really do care for those who on the downside, but Camp Refuge just sounds like the perfect place to be. And - hey! - they are all gay friendly! At least, they all seem to have gay sex (blush). Must be a great, inclusive place to live.
  6. Sunshine


    I have actually delayed reading this series, knowing that you were posting weekly, I wanted to read a few episodes uninterrupted. I hate waiting between good reads LOL. Thanks for your efforts - I am now reading chapter 2 and can already see the beginnings of a truly well written, engaging and exciting story that is a slice of real life for many people (thankfully not me). Looking forward to the ride. David
  7. Sunshine


    It is great to be back at Camp Refuge. Hopefully, I will recognise all the old faces - and happy to meet a few new friends along the way.
  8. Sunshine


    Wow, just finished reading this story (over two days) and thoroughly enjoyed the roller-coaster ride. I was moved by the events that took place in Sam's life and glad that he finally found peace and love. Quite emotional to think that it is based on real-life events. Thank you Adam. All the best to Brian/John (my own husband is called John too!) and Chris, wherever you are.
  9. Sunshine

    The Answer

    Perfect story, well-told in your usual polished style. Definitely well paced and carefully plotted. Always enjoy your stories. Can't wait until the next one. PS The poem was well-written also but I felt that the poem was only meaningful because I read the story first, even though I know you wrote the poem first. One complemented the other beautifully.
  10. Sunshine

    2020, A Look Ahead

    Thank you and keep up the good work.
  11. Sunshine


    A great story. Thank you for the labour of love you put into writing. But I will miss Nathan and Jaymes. Now I need to check out your other stories - you are a very good writer. Thank you.
  12. I have just finished reading the whole book (I am a latecomer, I know) and I can truly say I enjoyed the story very much. I am a great fan of romantic M/M fiction, and definitely insist on happy endings. This story has many happy endings (and happy middles and beginnings!). Thank you for an excellent story. However, I must confess I had to suspend belief more than a few times - I mean, really, who gets to have $10,000 a month income for life! Do such rich grandmothers really exist? If so, I want one! (Just kidding). And get given a house! Do people really have BJs on the highway? (Never in my
  13. Wow, marriage laws in the USA, or at least the part of the USA where this story is set, must be very relaxed! How come someone can become an "ordained minister" and automatically also be a marriage celebrant online - just like that! (Presumably someone at the other end is making money out of that scam!!!) No training, no expertise in the legal requirements, and no responsibility for pre-marriage counselling! Fortunately, in this case the celebrant is known to the couple and is responsible, but if this story reflects the reality of life in this part of the USA, I am really appalled. Where I liv
  14. Sunshine


    Yes, I have to agree with travlbug - everything changes when "dreams change." I have been through that myself. Thanks for the beautiful and romantic story (sniff, sniff). I have a hunch this story is wrapping up pretty soon, now that all (nearly all) the loose ends seem to have been neatly tied. Love the romance. I can see Volume 2, however - starting with the wedding. (Or maybe as the postscript to this volume). Or is it too early for that?
  15. Sunshine

    Chapter 30

    OK, I have now read all 30 chapters in this story, over several months, and now it is time for some feedback. First off, I am from Australia, so one of the reasons I have enjoyed this story is to get acquainted with American culture - fast food, cars, college experiences, dorm life, American language, gay slang, and home-cooked meals. I didn't realise that there was actually so much difference between Aus and USA. Of course there are some similarities too, but for the most part, all I could see in mind's eye was the American sit coms that go across our TV screens here. I must confess I was a b
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