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  1. Ajbt2001

    Chapter 26

    It's awesome seeing Cyn becoming more comfortable, the image of him in a sitting position with Shea wrapped around him is an amazing vision.
  2. Ajbt2001

    Chapter 6

    Ok, there outta be a law against teasing readers with such adorably cute, but short chapters. However, I love the Dad's acceptance of Tony. 😂😂😂😇😛
  3. Ajbt2001

    Chapter 5

    I was wondering the same thing.
  4. I've also got to say, as much as I love the title, it reminds me of the 80's Rainbow Brite cartoon. They had titles that had the same letters. Like, The Mighty Monstromurk Menace, The Star Stealer, and there's like I think one or two more. LOL And yes, I was a fan and am not ashamed. I was a proud gay child of the 80's.😂😂😂
  5. I know I'll love the next chapter, even if I don't have my eggs or pancakes for breakfast. Coffee is a must have though. No coffee, no promises. LMAO.
  6. Oh, I hadn't realized they weren't in Owensville. (Insert blushing embarrassment LOL) Ok, that does pose a problem.
  7. Ok, Dirklan is awesome. And definitely not Kaplirk. LOL ❤️😛👍
  8. No, you can't do Kap and Dir. Then the moniker would be Kapdir, said quickly it sounds like captor. 😂😂😂😂
  9. Damn, you and your leaving people breathless moments. LOL Hopefully, Dave can get them out of the situation and get a warning to Mason, or at least Caleb and Lee. I don't know why, but my feeling is Vincent, or Cy will end up being a healing force for Wagner. He might not be too far gone, his case seems to be much like Dirks. I'm glad the other Alpha's had Vince's back. Mase was a given, but Ty and Cy (Btw, thank you for not making them a couple. The initials would've been too sickening. LOL) could've gone either way.
  10. Ajbt2001

    Chapter 3

    Hmm, wonder what Gramps is gonna dig up? These guys are totally adorable.
  11. I can't help feeling Tyler's gonna be hurt even worse no matter what happens. I'm hoping I'm wrong.
  12. Ajbt2001

    Chapter 2

    Awesome new story.
  13. Ajbt2001

    Chapter 11

    I think he and Ali ended up together. I like the way this ended.
  14. Ajbt2001

    Chapter 7

    I didn't see that ending. Nice twist.
  15. Ajbt2001

    Chapter 6

    Wow! Didn't see that one.
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