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  1. Brandon was packing the last of his things when there was a knock at the door. “Dad.” The sandy blonde enthusiastically leaped into his Dad’s arms, giving him a hug. “Mama.” Brandon smiled widely, as he repeated his previous actions, only a bit more reserved since he didn’t want to hurt his Mom. “Love ya too baby boy.” Tom Wilmont chuckled in amusement over the greeting he and Linda always received from both their boys. The patriarch took a minute to look around. “Where’s your brother? I di
  2. Not that it's important or anything, but I'm extremely ticklish, and love both tickling and being tickled. So, that's also why my boys aren't strictly one sided. And now that I've completely outted myself, I'm gonna go hide in case anyone's been intrigued by my comments.
  3. Thanks, I'm really glad you guys like this. I'm always curious and a bit hesitant with my stories and how they'll be accepted. I've written short stories since 2008. They're mainly on tklfrat, since the bulk of the substance revolves around my love for tickling. I know, it's a lot of times presented in a kinda creepy or overly sexualized context. Not to mention, most of the stories I read over the years were so focused on celeb fantasies, sex scenes, or just so saturated with ticklish situations, that there was no real plot or character depth. And yes, tickling and feet are my two biggest fetishes. However, I've always wanted to write stories displayed a more playful, and normalized picture of guys who like tickling. I've also strived, and hope I've accomplished creating lovable characters. Also, I've viewed it as a really cute and playful side of male bonding, and trust building. Anywho, sorry for my branching out there. LOL I really just wanted to give some insight into the motives and thoughts behind my stories. I also wanted to thank you guys for not immediately dismissing my stories, or me for that matter. I really appreciate it and have felt amazingly comfortable, loved, and accepted posting here.
  4. Thanks, I really had fun with these boys. I've had these ideas floating around for a few years now. LOL
  5. “Another beautiful autumn day in the cove.” Felix thought. The slender framed eighteen year old stepped out of the shower, and dried his hair. After wiping the steamed up mirror, Felix grabbed his shimmering hair gel, and applied it to his jet black and lime green streaked hair. A giant cheesy grin stared back from the mirror as he thought about the upcoming Halloween festival. The half tickle witch, and half nature witch was having a hard time deciding what to wear. Finally, he decided on his d
  6. A Teenage Wolf boy is new to the Cove, and finds his life mate in one of the Guardians who help keep watch over the Cove's inhabitants.
  7. The whole reason I wrote this story was because I was looking for a fun nickname to describe an older sibling who's been a combination of parent and sibling. Bropop was the first thing that came to me. And then I had this vision of a young Levie smiling proudly and jumping up with his fist in the air as he came up with it. LOL
  8. Thanks, I was hoping the added dialog and exploration of emotions worked.
  9. Ajbt2001

    Love Of Family

    The revised fourth chapter is up. I know I didn't leave the original up for comparison, but I hope the changes are noticeable enough.
  10. Ajbt2001

    Love Of Family

    Second and Third revised chapters are posted. This, and the chapters following have the most revised content. Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it.
  11. Ajbt2001

    Love Of Family

    First revised chapter is up. Hope you guys like the changes I've made. I'm grateful for any feedback.
  12. Ajbt2001

    Love Of Family

    Hey guys, I'm revising this original story. I've added some dialogs, and am changing some chapter titles. Hopefully, I'll be submitting the revisions between the weekend and next week.
  13. Damn, talk about a tear jerker. Cy's story had me crying. Dude, I loved Vince standing up to the jerk alpha, then gently and in his own way getting Mason to not immediately tear the other guy's head off. Vince is great at showing his power without flaunting it.
  14. Ajbt2001

    Chapter 7

    You've captured Belle's feelings perfectly. Awesome chapter. I'm looking forward to more.
  15. Milo Walsh was a very unfortunate looking individual with a personality to match. He always looked for easy money, so it was no surprise he got himself involved with drugs. He’d been working at the ranch when the three brothers discovered he was selling crystal meth on their property. He also tried to sell some of their horses by saying owned them, and they were just kept on the ranch. Milo’s lawyer was able to get him out on bail while he waited for trial. Not intending to stay around, Milo dec
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