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  1. The enigma line is totally one of my WAG fav's. I also love "In beginning to think I don't own my own sand anymore." LOL
  2. Damn, I loved Vincent declaring Lei and Elaine his second set of parents. The scene and visual I got brought tears to my eyes. I'm a little disappointed and relieved there wasn't some emotional or spiritual recognition from his birth parents, however, the interaction with Lady Terick was emotional enough. The best part was Lei's expressive embrace with Vincent. It really showed a softer and loving side to him. I look forward to seeing more of their expressed love and guidance as Vincent progresses and gets stronger. I think Lei will be an awesome guide as well as Tierney for Vincent's Alpha Wolf, and Mason as well with him being a youngish Alpha.
  3. Yeah, it was a long shot, but hell if a triple affinity mage Alpha and fall in love with another Alpha and become a beloved member of a pack, then anything is possible. LOL
  4. I also just had the thought of Mason and Vinnie going to the city, and Ty running Owensville. He wouldn't be much of a departure from Mason's way of doing things. But, I also liked the idea of a merging of the two territories centexhairysub suggested.
  5. To me, it makes the most sense. I don't feel that Vincent would be anywhere near comfortable enough to have his own territory, not to mention the possibility of being separated from Mason. Ty's experienced, and something tells me that he might welcome the chance to head the smaller area, even if it's only temporary till he finds someone suitable. Plus, he'd still be able to support Mason and Vince when needed. I mean it sounded to me like Ty was just tired of running one of the largest packs in the country. I mean, there is the lady at the dinner, but they can easily work something out for their relationship since it's not that far between Owensville and the city.
  6. Hmm, could Vin offer the territory to Ty I mean, I know Ty wanted to retire, but he could still be semi retired since it's not as big as NY.
  7. Ajbt2001

    Chapter 13

    Nice chapter. Hope there's more.
  8. I'm not convinced at all that Ryan's moved on. I'm thinking the guy who answered the door, is probably a friend, making sure Ryan's safe and not harming himself over the breakup. Especially since there's no mention of how dressed or undressed Ryan and his guest are. I mean, to get Jasper to rock bottom, then going to Ryan for help just to see he's moved on would be way too much devastation. I'm just hoping if my thoughts are right, neither Ryan or Jasper will act without listening to each other.
  9. I wasn't referring to Vince stepping in and saving Dave and Stacy, I was referring to the killing, and any possible repercussions from that. I just wasn't sure what guidelines or laws they have for that. I'm new to lycan customs and community.
  10. I'm on the edge of my seat and out of popcorn. Not a good place to be as a reader of a cliffhanger. LOL I just hope Vince isn't acting too quickly without having the knowledge Mason's received. Although, I have a feeling someone or something will keep the evil Alpha from being killed. *coughs Stephan* LOL
  11. Holy Fuckin' Wolf fight Batman! LOL
  12. Ajbt2001

    Chapter 26

    It's awesome seeing Cyn becoming more comfortable, the image of him in a sitting position with Shea wrapped around him is an amazing vision.
  13. Ajbt2001

    Chapter 6

    Ok, there outta be a law against teasing readers with such adorably cute, but short chapters. However, I love the Dad's acceptance of Tony. 😂😂😂😇😛
  14. Ajbt2001

    Chapter 5

    I was wondering the same thing.
  15. I've also got to say, as much as I love the title, it reminds me of the 80's Rainbow Brite cartoon. They had titles that had the same letters. Like, The Mighty Monstromurk Menace, The Star Stealer, and there's like I think one or two more. LOL And yes, I was a fan and am not ashamed. I was a proud gay child of the 80's.😂😂😂
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