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  1. Ajbt2001

    A Busy Day

    The one thing I did promise at the beginning, was no main character was gonna die, or permanently hurt. That's the only promise I'm sticking to.
  2. Ajbt2001

    A Busy Day

    Ahh, that's the mystery. It might be a surprise what family member gets an idea something's wrong, and when.
  3. Ajbt2001

    A Busy Day

    We'll see, don't forget how bonded to each other they are.
  4. Ajbt2001

    A Busy Day

    At The Ranch Greg made a full recovery, from his stabbing. It made the raven haired teen smile, every time he thought about how protective, and loving his red headed angel was. The first couple weeks back home, Levie spent his free time making sure Greg had everything he needed, and wanted. The nineteen year old never dreamed, he could get as many foot massages, or tongue baths as he did, and he couldn’t wait to return the favor. Even though he loved receiving them, Greg loved giving just a
  5. Ajbt2001

    Love Of Family

    Just about finished with chapter 20 of LOF. I decided not to end it just yet, and I'll hopefully be posting the next chapter tomorrow morning. Thanks for hanging in here with me.
  6. Hey guys, the character bio's been updated, and redone.
  7. I loved seeing the infant stages of Kit's maturing adult wolf, and he chose the right moment to come out. I'll be updating the character bio with a more detailed description of the guys, and their powers. There's also a couple more guys that are being added in. And, the banter between the boys was totally epic. I loved the image, of kit in wolf form, sitting on the ground, with his head cocked to the side, then becoming hysterical over Ryan's predicament. LOL The tickle plant was fun to come up with. It does have a name btw.
  8. Ryan & Kit Kit sat in the tree house, meditating on the images, and feelings he got from his mate. So many questions were swirling in the teen’s head. Who was that other boy, and why hadn’t Ryan mentioned him? That led to, who the second boy was? Then, the melancholy wolfboy pondered, why they tried turning his Ry evil. Finally, Kit asked himself the two most disturbing questions. Why did they attempt to destroy him, when their efforts failed, and would they return to try again? Kit cam
  9. Thanks Chris. It was fun writing this. I really loved Kennie asking for the Porsche. LOL
  10. The Family As soon as he heard Kennie’s statement. Jordan’s face lit up, and he tackled his new playmate. “I’m not done with my list of demands.” Jordan straightened up, but continued sitting on his squirming boyfriend. Kennie was wriggling, and trying to work himself free, but discovered, he was completely trapped, face down under his jovial assailant. “What are your terms, my cute sneaky man?” Jordan’s fingertips lightly tickled, and drew circles on Kennie’s neck. “Jordy, c’mon, not m
  11. I just wanted to let you guys know, I am still writing this. I'm just taking a short break from this, and Love Of Family, to get a couple more chapters done on my other two stories. I promise, it won't be too much longer before this is updated. After all, I have been posting quite rapidly. Thanks to everyone who's been enjoying this.
  12. Ajbt2001

    Mixed Up Feelings

    It's been fun, getting to know Ryan. He's a bit more snarky, than my boys usually are, and is really a great compliment to them. I love how he and Felix go back and forth with each other. What's really been a blast, and a huge challenge, coming up with the spells, then writing them backwards. Ry's backwards magic is all Magicianboy's imagination. I just come up with the spells. So far, my favorite spells are the one shielding him from Kit's senses, the one for the bed sheet, and the one where he suspends Kit's legs in the air. I got so freaking confused writing them. LOL
  13. Felix, Ryan, & Kit Ryan momentarily froze. As much as he loved having the protection, and playful times with his mate, and brother, the teen witch was also fighting with the feeling he needed to really start growing up, and stop being so childlike. On one hand, the thought of a themed party was still appealing, and totally awesome. However, he’s turning nineteen, and that means he truly needed to become more thoughtful, and mature. As he sat beside his mate, Kit’s empathic abiliti
  14. It takes a lot of guts, heart, and dedication to not only sit down, and write a story, but to be willing to share it with a public audience. My thanks, and admiration goes out to all the writers who have created these wonderful stories, and characters we've come to know, and love. I'd also like to thank those who've read my own creations, and enjoyed them. Dolly Parton once made a comment about how her songs were like her children. She gave them life, and some have done well, while some wait for their chance to be heard. I feel the same way about my stories, and characters.
  15. Ajbt2001

    Morning Playtime

    Don't forget playful. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw Kit spraying Just Married on his mate, and brother, then spraying their hands. LOL Magicianboy14's Ryan, is awesome to work with, he's been a perfect addition to my boys. He's what Guardians was missing. And Felix giving the couple a shot of ice water, was totally epic. LOL
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