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  1. Hermetically Sealed

    Weird Straight Boy

    My two cents is that Alex came off as trying to get something going between Aron and Carter, as from his point of view Carter's issue seems to hinge on Alex cheating with Simon. If Aron cheats with Carter, then obviously his cheating with Simon wouldn't be a big deal. Not saying that was the case, but Alex was certainly going out of his way to make sure Aron got a good look at Carter.
  2. Hermetically Sealed

    Chapter Eight

    I have a feeling much of Sebastian's interest is due to his competitive nature. he sees getting Noah as a "win" over Jordan.
  3. Hermetically Sealed

    The Boy Next Door

    It would seem odd if Carter pushed Alex, yet got hurt worse. Seems to me it is more likely that (assuming Carter did push Alex) Carter was trying to knock him out of the way, and ended up getting the brunt of the truck.
  4. Hermetically Sealed

    Chapter 107 The Laundry Game

    I agree with others saying that Tom and Robbie are misinterpreting the call with Alex.
  5. Hello Hermetically Sealed. 174 followed stories, wow! Then again, with over 9 yrs here, you have had the time to browse, pick and choose a few. As a fellow, follower of Mark Arbour, that  was where I first encountered you. Many of your other choices have given me a number of stories I would not have found on my own, thanks for that.

    Today is your BD and I want to add my best wishes to you for a very Happy 44th Birthday. Though Tulsa is a bit  far away for me to pop by, I am there in spirit for your celebrations, have a really great day.


    Take care


    1. Hermetically Sealed

      Hermetically Sealed

      Thanks!  I'm glad I was able to help you out with reading materials!

  6. Hermetically Sealed

    Mark's Revenge

    I think this was the first story I read on The Mustard Jar. Good to see it come over.
  7. Hermetically Sealed

    Chapter 9

    That literally describes the average teenager, regardless of generation. I think people forget that teenagers are largely inexperienced and self involved by nature. It doesn't make them bad, it's just part of growing up and learning about the world.
  8. Hermetically Sealed

    Dancing with Madonna

    Another good one, and actually didn't end the way I thought it would. Glad to see it here.
  9. Hermetically Sealed

    Chapter 5 - Ember

    Anyone else thinking (hoping) Ricky and Justin are going to get together?
  10. Hermetically Sealed


    I too am thinking Seb. So far it seems like the crimes are based around the aunt's stuff, with Bruno's connection being more circumstantial. I'm betting someone is looking for something either she had, or they think she did.
  11. Hermetically Sealed

    Chapter 10

    This is definitely the chapter that starts the ball rolling towards the ending. The only issue I ever had with this chapter was that no one pointed out the seeing Ashley wasn't the problem, it was his skipping classes and lying that was. Kevin wasn't skipping class to see Cameron, and if he had been, then he would have been in trouble too.
  12. Hermetically Sealed

    Chapter 4

    One great thing about seeing new people read these stories is seeing all the theories, while knowing what is going to happen.
  13. Hermetically Sealed

    Losing Kevin

    Another one of my favorites. Happy to see it here.
  14. Hermetically Sealed

    Chapter 36

    Gonna have to disagree with many and say that Derek was entirely in the right to try to make sure Will understood the enormity of what he was getting into. Will was the one who immediately made it all about himself, shut down and walked out. Will was the one who refused to listen to anyone, and Liam didn't even try to find out the full story before barging in ranting, then storming out. As commendable as it is of Will to have a plan, do the research and such, Derek is the one who ultimately has to place the interests of the youth over someone else's fragile ego. I sincerely doubt Will is the first enthusiastic individual who genuinely cares, and wants to help. Even people with good and true intentions to help occasionally fail to grasp the enormity of what such an endeavor entails, emotionally as well as financially. My boss runs a LGBT youth center, and we have had plenty of people, good people, who absolutely wanted to help, but were unable to come through, either because of financing problems or personal life problems. Didn't change the fact that the kids still didn't get something they were looking forward to. At this point, we just don't say anything to the youth unless it's already a done deal.

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