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Mine! - 74. Mine! Part Two Chapter Forty

I braced both arms on the shower walls and looked down. Steam filled the shower stall, and Ritch was behind me. He’d scrubbed my front and then my back, and now he was plastered against me, his hands rubbing soapy bubbles up and down my abs… and lower.

My plan had been to come inside and apologize, maybe sleep on the couch if Ritch was really mad. I’d screwed up, big time, but my mate was forgiving.

Ritch curled his hand around my length, and I gasped, my hips punching forward.

Very forgiving.

“That’s right. I’ll give you what you need.” Ritch rubbed his cheek against the back of my shoulder. He squeezed the head of my cock when I pushed my ass back, his shaft sliding up my crack. I loved it, grinding into him, but then I had to thrust forward.

I couldn’t figure out which way I liked better, and it was a struggle to not go crazy with Ritch moaning against my shoulder, his hand caressing my length while he moved counter to me, rubbing his cock along my crack. My leg was still healing, and I knew he would stop me if he thought I was overdoing it.

Not that I could feel any pain in my leg. The pleasure tightened my balls, pulling them up tight to my body, and the ache in my groin grew. My need to come began to eclipse everything, and I panted. The wet heat of the shower raining down on us and the musky scent of my mate sent me into orbit.

White streams of come shot from the tip of my cock to coat the tiles and my mate’s hand. Sometime during the eternity of seconds my balls turned inside out, Ritch came, his hand tightening spasmodically as he wrung every last drop from me while painting me with his scent.

Claiming me. “Oh God, I love you,” I groaned.

Ritch kissed my shoulder, his sharp pants blowing across my neck. “Love you too.”

I wished we weren’t in the shower so the combined smell of our seed wouldn’t be washed away. I loved the blend of his bitter spend with the blissful feelings of pure relaxation and happiness saturating our bond.

“We should get you in bed.” Ritch moved before I was ready, but as he rinsed us off and cleaned the shower tiles, the ache in my body from two days of running from my demons grabbed my attention.

Okay, so maybe bed wasn’t that bad of an idea. I yawned, exhaustion swamping me. I swayed.

“Whoa, big guy. Bed.”

“Yeah, okay.” I helped him as best I could, but on the heels of that orgasm, I was dead on my feet. As soon as the back of my knees hit the bed, I collapsed backward. It was almost too much effort to squirm around and get my head up to the pillows, but Ritch kept prodding me until I did.

He covered me with the blanket. “I’ll be right back. You go to sleep.”

There was no arguing with my mate. I closed my burning eyes, the relief almost instantaneous as sleep dropped over me.


“You need to let it go, Park,” Deke said. “We’ve done our job.”

“How? Those bastards took nearly everything from me. Kraig, my dad, my mom, my mate… I want to dig through the rubble of that lab and kill Trein all over again. These werekin were experimenting on their own kind and used that on humans to turn them into feral beasts. I don’t know how it could possibly be so simple that we’ve cut off the head of this. There has to be more.”

“And there probably is. But this goes far beyond just a few clans in this area.” Deke stood and pushed his desk chair back. He walked over to the office doors and double checked they were closed firmly. “Evidence has been found about another lab, one focused on the human werekin. But there are several different locations it could be. However, they’re far beyond our borders. Kraig didn’t know just how far he’d been taken because he’d been drugged so much.”

“But his souls came from Ritch’s cousin and his mate.”

“Yes. There is a network, one we’re not sure the extent of. As the alpha, I’m going to have to test each and every member of our streak. Other alphas are doing the same. That is our job, to ferret out any other conspirators while others find the lab and shut it down.”

I leaned back in my chair, running a hand through my mane. “Do you really think there’s someone else who turned traitor?”

Deke shook his head once, slowly. “And I hate to accuse people without evidence, but this is too important. I will use my influence as the alpha of this streak to ensure the safety of all the members. And I need your help. While we may be safe now, there’s no telling what might shake up in the future.”

I sat up again, leaning forward. “You think they might come here?”

“That’s just it. I have no idea what is going to happen. But things are changing—they have to. No one can look at the fallout from mistreating human werekin, as if they were less than us, just because they don’t have an animal soul. Our society must change.”

“Seems like life’s been nothing much changes lately,” I said ruefully.

“True. We’re both mated before we’re even twenty-five, the alpha and beta of this streak. Who would’ve imagined it?”

I snorted. “Not our parents.”

“No, probably not. I like we’re doing them proud, though. We’re going to make a great life for our mates and keep our clan safe.”

I nodded once. “We are.” I stood and held out my hand. “You and me.”

Deke grabbed my hand. “And Kraig and Ritch. Who have totally been listening on the other side of the door.” Deke snickered.

The End! Yes, it had to happen sometime! They're all safe, and others are going to ferret out the remaining bad guys. Change is slowly happening, and Deke and Park have their mates and a solid happy ever after. I hope you enjoyed their stories!

Copyright © 2017 Cia; All Rights Reserved.
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:thankyou:      :worship:

Loved it....but like with all stories I wish there was more....MAYBE the guys will come back in another story.

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Happy endings all around.  Thanks for an awesome tale CIA. Loved the ending with the mates being BUSTED. 

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Endings are so sad 😭 and inevitable. I will miss the weekly updates even though I'm positive that you've already got something else in the pipeline 💖

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Great story, very interesting plot, and two very sweet couples:hug:

Edited by Sweetlion
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I am just in love with this story. I'm just going to have to go back and start at the very beginning again. Can't wait to see what you have next for us.

Edited by chonga
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This was an enjoyable read, Cia. I even stopped minding the chapters were short. As always, with the worlds you create, I am left wanting more, but this was a good place to end it. I am content, and if you see your way clear to write more of these guys, I'm all in. Cheers... Gary....

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Oh, I enjoyed it very much! And I agree, it's a great place to end it. Things are settled to some degree and the rest can be left to the future, in each of the readers' heads. ;) 

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Thank you, so much, everyone!! You have all been amazing and left me so many great comments! I'm glad you enjoyed this world, and yes, never fear, a new story will take this one's place. :)

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Sad to see this story end but this was a great stopping point. Everyone is safe and the problem has been passed to others.  I hope you re-visit this world one day, but if not, thanks for giving us this. :wub:

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