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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Struggling Forward - 1. New Tomorrows

New Tomorrows:

Blu and Kaleb decided to give Kyle some time to speak with Doug and Lily privately by going to pick up Davis so he was present to sign the lease with Colonel Brenner.

Kyle nervously walked into the living room finding Doug and Lily watching Price is Right on the television, “Mom, Dad, do you have a minute to talk?” Kyle sat on the ottoman fidgeting with his engagement ring.

Doug muted the television, “Everything alright son?”

“I uh…” Kyle ran his hand through his hair, “Well when Charlie was in the hospital, and I went into the emergency room to have my hand checked, I realized how much that I never want Blu or me to be excluded from one another's lives.” He sat up picking a piece of lint on his shirt, “I know we agreed to take our time before getting married,” Kyle sighed, “I tried being patient I really did. But I can’t live without Blu, and I don’t want to.”

Doug studied Kyle for a moment; Lily sat silently contemplating Kyle’s statement. Doug opened his mouth to speak and then closed it again. Kyle fidgeted anxiously.

“What did you have in mind Kyle?” Doug asked.

“I asked Blu to pick a date to pick a date for our wedding if you give us your blessing,” Kyle steeled his nerves making direct eye contact with Doug, “Blu picked the next to last Saturday, August next year.”

“Well that seems reasonable,” Doug turned to his wife, “what do you think sweetheart?”

Lily fidgeted for a moment, “W…would you let me help you plan it Kyle?” she asked hopefully.

“We would both be honored to have you help us,” Kyle chuckled, “to be honest neither of us has a clue where to start with the planning,” A shy smile crept across his face.

“WHOOP! Hell yeah!” Nan popped her head around the doorway from the kitchen, “I’m planning the honeymoon, my gift to you boys, don't worry about a thing,” she disappeared back into the kitchen, and they could hear her talking to herself.

Lily rolled her eyes, and Doug chuckled, “You’re on your own battling the old woman with that.

“Thank you, Kyle. This means so much to me, I will never get to do this for Rain.” Lily smiled sadly.

Kyle stood up and crossed the distance to Lily wrapping her in a loving hug, “I’m sorry I will never get the chance to know her, I’m sure she was wonderful like all of you are,” Kyle loosened the hug kissing her cheek. “Mom, Dad, I appreciate how accepting and supportive you have been with our relationship.” Kyle shuttered as a cold thought ran through his mind, “Rudolph and Penelope would probably be chasing us with pitchforks instead of helping us.”

“You’re welcome, we’re happy to help. And Mom’s been easier to deal with having Kaleb around,” Doug chortled.

Kyle pulled his cell phone out, texting Blu.

K: Talk complete :2thumbs:

B: Go ok?

K: Nope kicked me out of the house. Need a ride to the hotel.


K: Just kidding guess you’re getting married.

B: To who? I hope he’s at least hot

K: Asshole, come back home

B: Be right there

Kyle slid his phone back into his pocket as there was a knock on the door. Nan shuffled through the living room to answer the door, while she sucked on a peach. Another knock came from the door.

“Hold on don’t get your panties in a bunch, I’m an old lady ya know,” she swung the door open to find Colonel Brenner standing as only a marine could. She looked him up and down, “My, my, aren’t you somethin’,” she tilted her head eyeballing him.

“I’m Colonel Brenner,” He said curtly.

“Single?” Nan said then sucked on her peach.

Colonel Brenner cleared his throat, ruffled, pulling at his collar, “No ma’am, I Uh… I’m here to see Blu and Kyle,” he said stiffly.

“Hmpf,” Nan grouched slumping her shoulders. She walked away from the door, “Kyle it’s for you,” she said as she headed back to the kitchen, “see if he’s got a brother, he is yummy,” Nan called over her shoulder.

Kyle walked to the door rolling his eyes. He offered the Colonel, his hand, “I’m sorry she’s off her meds today,” After a brief handshake Kyle ushered the Colonel to the dining room table,” Kyle smiled and offered him a bottled water which the Colonel accepted graciously, “Blu and the guys will be back any moment, Sir,” he said as he took a seat across from the Colonel.

“That’s fine son,” Colonel Brenner said as he unbuttoned his uniform jacket.

Kyle hesitated a second to gather his thought, “Colonel I can’t thank you enough for letting us sign the lease early after we explained the mess my parents created.”

Colonel Brenner sat stoically, “Son, the house would only sit empty and you boys need a home of your own.” Blu and Davis came stumbling through the door as Kaleb kept pushing them through the house and into the dining room.

“Settle petal, geez, Kaleb,” Blu said tripping over his own feet.

Davis placed his hand on Kaleb’s shoulder squeezing lightly as he leaned in whispering into his ear, “You’re way to excited buddy, calm down so we can get this paperwork signed,” Kaleb smiled and calmed down to an acceptable level equivalent to a Jack Russell on Adderall. Kyle shook his head with embarrassment, and Blu shrugged his shoulders as he sat down taking Kyle’s hand.

Colonel Brenner cleared his throat looking at Davis and Kaleb, “Gentlemen be seated,” He motioned to two open chairs, “Fine,” He said as they both sat. “Now this is your standard rental lease, there are five copies each needs to be signed by each of you in the designated spots. Once you sign, I will countersign, and the house is all yours. All I will need is your check covering the security deposit and first months rent from your parents.” The boys each signed their designated areas on the leases and handed the papers back to the Colonel. Doug walked into the dining room handing the Colonel a check for the appropriated funds he needed, “Here are the keys gentlemen. Any questions or concerns feel free to contact me,” He said pulling a cigar out of his pocket and chewed on the end of it as he handed the boys keys to their house.

“KYLE! DOES HE HAVE A BROTHER?” Nan called out from the kitchen.

“Pipe down Mom,” Doug said as he exited toward the kitchen.


The following day the boys were at their new home. Kaleb and Davis were carrying boxes into the house when Kaleb stopped at the door, “Davis, I was thinking we should let Blu and Kyle have the master bedroom since they are a couple.” Kaleb looked at Davis, “What do you think?” Davis gave his patented grin which was reserved for his self-proclaimed family.

“That’s the most logical decision,” Davis said with a shrug of his shoulders, and he continued to the house with the box he was carrying.

Kaleb strolled into the kitchen finding Blu and Kyle making lists of things they would need for their house, “Hey losers, where do you want this box?” He joked as Blu waved his hand and Kaleb sat it right behind Blu, “Davis and me decided to be generous and you two lovebirds can have the master. That way we don’t have to risk seeing you guys getting down and dirty anywhere but your bedroom,” Kyle picked up a dishtowel and snapped Kaleb’s arm which elicited a yelp, “Be like that. Maybe Davis knows how to build a doghouse for you guys to sleep in,” He turned and went back out to Lily’s van that they hauled boxes over in.

Kyle looked at the list he’d made, “Blu we definitely need a regular sized refrigerator. The apartment one we have will barely hold enough stuff to last two days with the way Kaleb eats,” scratching his head he turned to Blu, “Maybe we should go to the second-hand store in town and see what they have?”

Blu stared at Kyle, then stumbled backward over the box Kaleb had put down, “What the…” his face turned red and scowled, “I’m gonna kill that shit-head.” Blu toed the box to the side, “Whatever you want Blondie.”

Kyle glanced at the small refrigerator occupying the space where a full-sized one should be, “Babe this isn’t about what I want, I’m just being realistic. If we have to drive to the grocery store or Wallie World every day it’s gonna waste a bunch of gas,” He sighed in frustration.

“Fine, whatever you want, get the other two in here. This shouldn’t just fall on us, let's see what we can afford between the four of us?” Blu flicked his hand out dismissively.

“Ugh,” Kyle muttered under his breath as he went to find Kaleb and Davis. He thought to himself, “Wave your hand at me, next time we have sex we will see who is waved off,” Kyle shook his head as he walked up to Kaleb.

“Get your sidekick and meet us in the kitchen,” Kyle turned around but stopped dead in his tracks, “Next time you put a box behind Blu and make him trip and he gets in a mood like he’s in you will wish you lived with Rudolph and Penelope. This moving shit sucks for all of us, so don’t make it worse Kaleb.” Kyle growled leaving Kaleb stunned at how pissy his brother was as he walked away.

A few minutes later a quiet Kaleb and Davis turned up in the kitchen. Kyle looked at Blu shooting him a look, “You wanted them in here, you deal with them,” Kyle chewed on the end of the pencil in his hand as he stared at the shopping list prioritizing stuff they needed.

Blu gave his love a dirty look, leaning his weight on the left foot, “Kyle says we need to get a refrigerator, and we need to see what we can afford between us before we go out to the second-hand store. There are only two seats in the van.”

“I’m good for one-hundred,” Davis said holding up his hand.

Kaleb reached into his pocket pulling his wallet out, “Here is the credit card Rudolph gave me, use it before the bastard shuts it off too,” Kyle shook his head, “Kyle relax the asshole owes you more than a damn refrigerator after the chaos he caused. Take it,” Kaleb shoved the card into Kyle’s hand.

Kyle sighed in frustration, “I don’t want anything from that man Kaleb.”

Me and Blondie are good for a hundred each as well, and Kaleb we aren’t taking anything from your father. After the way he went at the both of you, I won’t take a thing from him, and I don’t want Kyle to either. We’ll work it out for ourselves,” Blu crossed his arms over his chest, he grimaced then leaned his left hip against the counter.

“Fine, I’m good for a hundred,” Kaleb frowned, “I still say he owes you more than a refrigerator though,” He took the credit card and stuffed it in his pocket as he sat down on the kitchen floor.

“Okay, so we’re good for four-hundred. Is the van empty now?” Blu asked sighing.

“Yeah Davis and I just finished taking the rest of Kyle’s stuff up to your bedroom,” Kaleb looked at Davis who nodded his head.

Okay, Blondie and I will go for the refrigerator, if you two want to get a list together of groceries we’ll need for the next couple of weeks. Mom will be here soon, and she is going to do a shopping trip for us. Make sure you don’t forget cleaning supplies.”

Davis laughed, “Don’t forget toilet paper,” He jabbed Kaleb in the shoulder, “We all know how full of shit Kaleb is.” Kaleb had a mock pout on his face as he stuck out his tongue.


On the way to the second-hand store, the Kyle spotted a music store and asked Blu to pull over. He drove up the street doing a U-turn and parking in front of the store. Kyle leaned over giving Blu a quick peck on the lips promising he would be right back as he hopped out going into Music World. About fifteen minutes later Kyle returned with a smile on his face as he hopped into the van and buckled his seatbelt.

“I put in an application to be a private music lesson teacher,” Kyle’s eyes sparkled as he described the job he wanted, “The owner said he has a few applications besides mine that he’s going to review.”

“Good one Blondie,” Blu leaned over and kissed Kyle quickly, “I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.”

Blu headed back up the street to the second-hand store. Kyle smiled for the first time today after all the stress from moving seemed to dissipate, he grabbed Blu’s one hand giving it a squeeze. Blu smiled as tension alleviated between them as they continued the short ride to the shop. Pulling into the parking lot, Blu found an empty space near the entrance. Shutting off the van, they hopped out, and Kyle rounded the van taking Blu’s hand as they walked inside. Kyle asked a worker if they had used appliances, the younger worker directed them to the back corner of the building which had a large display room with nothing but refrigerators and stoves in it. Kyle wandered around looking at each one checking the price and seeing how much space each had inside. Kyle found one he thought would be perfect.

Kyle called Blu over, “Babe check this one out, it’s stainless steel on the outside so it will be easy to keep clean. There's even an icemaker in the freezer,” He said as he opened the doors, “The price is great too, it’s only $375.”

Blu walked over to Kyle favoring his left leg, “Is this what you want Blondie?” Blu opened both doors looking at the inside.

Kyle looked at Blu and ran his good hand through his hair, “Babe, this refrigerator is good,” Kyle looked at how Blu was standing, “What’s wrong with your leg? I should have noticed something wasn’t right before.”

“Nothing, my ankle hurts a little from when I tripped over that damn box. Does this come with a warranty?”

“Tag says it has a thirty-day warranty,” Kyle pointed to the tag and smiled.

“Okay, if you’re happy with it, I am. It will be plenty big enough for all of us. Do you think they’ll deliver or shall we take it now? We don’t have a dolly at the other end. Damn!” Blu said.

“Wait here, I will run up and ask,” Kyle ran to the front of the store to talk to the worker, a few minutes later he ran back to Blu with a smile on his face, “They deliver it’s only $25 to deliver. They can have it at the house in the morning around 10 am.”

“Yeah, let's do that. I’ll text Mom and tell her not to get any groceries that need to be refrigerated for now, we’ll have to do it tomorrow,” Blu leaned back on a washing machine to alleviate the pressure on his ankle.

Kyle frowned as he noticed Blu favoring his ankle, “Babe give me the money to take care of the fridge, and you can go get off your foot in the van,” Kyle placed his arm around Blu, “Do you need help getting to the van?”

“Nah! I’ll manage,” Blu stood kissing Kyle, he looked behind him for a second, “hey, Blondie, see if they’ll let us put this on layaway. We need one of these too. We’ll just use a Laundromat until we get it out,” Blu gave Kyle the money for the fridge and his debit card to put a deposit on the washing machine, “if you don’t like this one find a washer you like and put a deposit on that.”

“Okay Babe,” Kyle gave Blu another quick peck and headed to get the sales finalize as Blu hobbled his way to the van gingerly.

Kyle crawled into the van smiling like he won the lottery, “Babe, you’re not gonna believe it. The shop owner came out of the office and showed me a matching washer and dryer set that he’s had in stock longer than he liked and put it on layaway for $25 down and a total cost of $150.”

“Nice,” Blu nodded his head and started the van. Kyle rattled on in Blu’s ear while he drove. Blu pulled up at the DMV and looked at Kyle as he reached over to the glove compartment and pulled out a rolled plastic folder. “Let’s go pedestrian.”

“What are you up too?” Kyle asked curiously as he hopped out of the van.

Blu hopped out of the van, careful not to land on his sore side. He hobbled around to Kyle and took him by the hand and headed for the entrance, “Damn that’s a long way down when you’re hurt,” he grinned at Kyle. “Get your ID out we are changing our address, and you are taking your learner permit written test. You have an appointment in fifteen minutes. It was perfect timing, I rang to get you the next available appointment but they had a cancellation, and it’s yours.”

“Cool,” Kyle smiled pulling his California State Identification out of his wallet, “I finally get to lose the reminder of Rudolph and Penelope,” He said as he waved the laminated card around.

The boys hit the ticket counter and spoke to the DMV employee, explaining the urgency change of address needed to be done before Kyle’s written test. Luckily for the boys, the gentleman was more than accommodating and helped them out. He must be a new employee. Blu thought to himself. The boys took a seat and waited for Kyle to called.

“Now don’t be nervous Blondie, I’ve seen you doing the practice quiz online, you’ve been doing alright with that one right?”

“Last time I aced it, but I think that was my fiftyish time through,” Kyle chuckled and brushed a stray hair out of his eyes. Blu put his hand on Kyle’s leg to stop it from bouncing, he smiled at his gorgeous fiancée, leaning into him for a quick kiss.

Kyle’s name was called over the intercom, he leaned into Blu and gave a quick kiss chuckling, “For luck!” Kyle went to the desk and was assigned to an antiquated computer contraption for his test. A measly few minutes later Kyle returned to Blu wearing the cheesiest smile anybody has ever had, “Guess who’s a licensed driver? Here look at this horrible picture though, it makes me look like an inmate from a correctional facility,” He waved his license in Blu’s face excitedly.

“Congratulations Blondie,” Blu threw his arms around Kyle’s neck and hugged him within an inch of his life, “Since two is quiet at the moment with everyone gone, you can have your first lesson and drive us home. My foot is killing me.”

“Deal,” Kyle smiled, “I’ll even cook us a celebratory dinner once we get home,” Kyle thought to himself, I can make spaghetti it’s not that hard.

Blu chuckled, “Or, instead you can stop at the pizza place, and I’ll grab a couple for all of us for tonight. We don’t have a fridge remember. Mom isn’t getting us any meat or cold foods.”

“Okay but tomorrow I’m cooking all of us dinner,” Kyle acquiesced.

Blu swept the hair out of Kyle’s eyes smiling, “Whatever you want Blondie.”

Kyle wheeled the van into their driveway screeching to a halt while Blu sat with his knuckles white from clutching the dashboard. Kyle hopped out of the van smiling from ear-to-ear, “That was so exhilarating.” He danced a little dance around the van opening Blu’s door, “That was fun wasn’t it Babe?”

Blu who was a little green around the gills, swallowed almost audibly, “Mhmm, you did… um… good Blondie,” Blu gave him the Pizza, “Here take these, I’ll be in, in a minute.”

“Okay Babe,” Kyle took the pizza running toward the house like a child chasing a dream. Once inside the house, Kyle put the pizza on the island, “Guy’s pizza, come and get it!” He shouted.

Kaleb and Davis came running down the steps like a runaway herd of cattle, Nan pushed Kyle out of the way, Kaleb looked around the room, “Where’s Blu?”

“Outside still, he said he’d be in, in a sec,” Kyle shrugged his shoulders and then proudly slammed his license down on the counter in front of everybody with a grin, “Suck on that!”

Kaleb smirked, “Nan stay off the sidewalks, Kyle has a license to drive,” he was belly laughing. Kaleb grabbed a slice of pizza out of Nan’s hand taking a huge bite out of it, “Mmm, delicious thanks, Nan.”

“You’re such a brat,” everybody turned around to see Blu hobbling into the kitchen.

“What the hell happened to you, Boy?” Nan almost yelled. Blu still looked a little off color and was limping.

He ran his hand through his hair, “Nothing, Blondie ran over my foot when we were getting the pizzas,” he chuckled. Blu reached over and took the new piece of pizza out of Nan’s hand, “thanks, Nan!”

Nan reached out and cuffed Blu and Kaleb on the back of the head. “Hey!” they both shouted as they rubbed their heads.

Babe, did I really drive over your foot?” Kyle looked mortified.

“No Blondie, you’re fine, but I think that cyclist over by Rim Job is walking home now.”

“He was on my side of the road,” Kyle shrugged, “Not my fault he didn’t move out of the way.”

“Oh my God, guys, it was hilarious. This poor guy was in the designated cycle lane, he saw Kyle coming at him, and he jumped to the sidewalk, and his bike followed over the top of him,” Blu was belly laughing while hopping on his good foot. Kyle stood pouting next to Blu and reached out and pushed him so he’d lose his balance while hopping around.

“What happened? Ooh, pizza, I’m starving,” Doug said heading for the box and took the one out of Nan’s hand. She had steam coming out of her ears.

Davis grabbed a Pepsi out of the cooler on the patio just outside the back door as he walked by Nan he snatched the slice of pizza she was getting ready to take a bite, “Thanks, Nan,” He sat his Pepsi on the counter beside her.

Nan snatched the can quickly opening it taking a long cold swig, “Piss off, the lot of ya,” she took the remaining pizza and her newly acquired Pepsi and went out on the patio to eat. “Lily get out here and grab a slice before the vultures snatch more,” Nan screeched from the patio.

Lily come from nowhere and gave the boys an evil glare, then went to see what Nan was belly-aching about.

“You got your Learners Permit?” Doug asked excitedly, “Congratulations Son,” he gave a Kyle a hug.

“Ow!” The boys heard Lily squeal.

“Can’t you people get your own damn slice of pizza!” echoed through the door.

The boys all laughed as they happily ate the remaining pizza.


Thank you to all of our loyal reader's, we changed beta readers for this book so we like to thank them to our staff. Hope you enjoy!

Copyright © 2017Aaron Hawke & JT Babbage; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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Chapter Comments

Seems like Nan is randier than ever!  ;-)


And hungrier!  ;-)



I wonder when the next Rudolph & Penelope shoe will drop…

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15 hours ago, Wesley8890 said:

I'll give you some pizza Nan!!!!I'm happy the boys are back. I'd go straight for Nan. 

See you still have your spry old Nan @Wesley8890

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14 hours ago, Benji said:

B).................... Nice start to the continuation of the story!  I hope they have better luck being roommates then at being movers. Nice quiet chapter!  Personally I would have charged up  the card to the max!

@Benji Thanks for the great review, we are glad you enjoyed this chapter. Moving always sucks so much. I think if the decision was left to Kaleb the card would've been on fire from being used so much.

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14 hours ago, droughtquake said:

Seems like Nan is randier than ever!  ;-)


And hungrier!  ;-)



I wonder when the next Rudolph & Penelope shoe will drop…

Lmao, @droughtquake I think Nan was approaching chewing somebody's hand off over stealing her slice... um slices of pizza

  • Haha 5
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14 hours ago, chris191070 said:

Great to see the guys’s back. Youv’e just to love Nan, just give her some Pizza.

@chris191070 I'm pretty sure next time the family has pizza Nan will grab hers and lock herself in a room.

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13 hours ago, glennish said:

Little bit of bitchiness during the move in and Kyle with a licence. Oh my. Nice chapter. 

I'm sure the boys were all stressed @glennish god knows I never enjoy moving it always seems as if there are never-ending boxes to be unpacked or you can't find something. Thanks for the comments Glen, and thank you for joining team DaMetl. For those that don't know yet we have launched a personal website that we will be able to add pictures and stuff over time to some of our completed work, and have a running blog to update new ideas. All of our work will remain being posted on GA first and we can add some photos and stuff over time to that on our site.

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2 hours ago, Dahawk said:

I promise no harming of Nan will occur in this story!:glomp:

So Nan will get harmed ‘off camera’? Or will she ‘visit’ another story and be harmed (by Will’s mom, maybe)? Is that how you’ll get around your killing prohibition?  ;-)

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2 minutes ago, droughtquake said:

So Nan will get harmed ‘off camera’? Or will she ‘visit’ another story and be harmed (by Will’s mom, maybe)? Is that how you’ll get around your killing prohibition?  ;-)

lmao no Nan is quite safe as hard as it might be to believe @droughtquake she will never be harmed.

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Who will Nan’s Plus One be for Benny’s grandchild’s wedding? (Since apparently she’s going to live forever.) Or will somebody try to keep the guest list below a thousand or so…

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